Black: ''The International top 3 will consist of nothing but Chinese teams"

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 03 July 2012 20:07
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"mTw is the best team in Europe simply because they're very dedicated and tried very hard. Concerning us, we need more time to play together," was the call from Dominik "Black^" Reitmeier in a sit down with DotATalk following DreamHack Summer. "You can expect much better plays [from us] in the future."

While his team mousesports had failed to qualify for the Wild Card at this year's The International, Black is hopeful for his current team's performance for the rest of the year. "The team never talked aobut disbanding or quitting. This will become the most stable roster mouz has ever seen. *smiles*"

Having to miss out on Dota 2's grandest spectacle of the year is a bitter pill to swallow for any top competitive Dota 2 team, but Black remained firm about his predictions that this year's event in Seattle would be dominated by the Chinese.

"I've always said and will still say, top 3 at The International will consist of Chinese teams. Their mindset and mentality is just far superior when you compare it to the European ones, and also they spend much more time playing the game."

"I expect a top 3 consiting of nothing but Chinese teams."

With how the Chinese are currently performing in Dota 2, will he be proven right? Check out the full interview here.

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