Darer grabs 3rd place in GosuLeague against

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 01 July 2012 19:43

The third place decider match in the second GosuLeague season has been played. Darer and faced each other in a best-of-one tiebreaker, as the in-season match ended 1-1.

This best-of-one match between Darer from Ukraine and from Kazakhstan was worth $500. This is the third place prize money in the second GosuLeague season. During the regular season, Darer and shared points with a 1-1 score. As they both had eight points after seven matches, a tiebreaker best-of-one match had to decide which team gets the money and the fame.

Darer with two standins: Enlight and Sockshka for God and Artstyle

Team Darer had some problems getting all players into the match. From the very beginning on, it was already clear that ArtStyle would be replaced by Enlight in this third place decider match. The picking was started without God to save some time, but when the remake was made, it was Sockshka replacing God as well, making Darer play with two standins for this $500 best-of-one.

The picks showed Darer playing with Puck and Bane, two rather unconventional heroes, accompanied by the recently added Chaos Knight. on the other hand built a lineup around the main carry Morphling.

3rd Place Decider
Ukraine DarerKazakhstan
enchantress dark seer bane
broodmother invoker chen
shadow demon enigma
lone druid brewmaster
natures prophet windrunner bane
leshrac sandking queen of pain
chaos puck
crystal maiden morphling

After some initial lane switches, resulting in a dual-mid lane on Radiant and Dire side, the early game started with even hero kill counts and no clear direction. While got a slight advantage in experience, Darer got the gold-advantage early on. sacrificed too many heroes for Morphling

In the mid game, maybe sacrificed some heroes too many in order to allow Mantis on Morphling farm his Linken's Sphere and Ethereal Blade. Darer was able to account multiple kills on single heroes.

This way, Sockshka on the Chaos Knight, playing a build with Urn, Drum and Black King Bar, got too big. The combination of Puck/CK/Bane was able to reduce Morphlings mobility enough in order to eventually kill him. tried to, but didn't manage to make a comeback. Darer, with Enlight and the mTw-first-place-player Sockshka, first breaks through middle lane, followed by top lane and a good game by

GosuLeague Division 1 Standings
# Team M W D L +/- Pts
medal_gold_1.png 1 Europe mTw 7 4 3 0 4 11
medal_silver_1.png 2 Germany mouz 7 4 2 1 3 10
medal_bronze_1.png 3 Ukraine Darer 7 3 2 2 1 8
4 Kazakstan 7 3 2 2 1 8
5 Sweden Keita 7 2 3 2 0 7
5 Russia M5 7 2 3 2 0 7
cancel.png 7 Sweden infs 7 2 1 4 -2 5
cancel.png 8 Germany EYES 7 0 0 7 -7 0
» Full GosuLeague Division 1 match results
Individual game result applies between the two tied teams.
In case of a two-way tie between teams who went 1-1 tiebreakers will apply in a best of one (1) manner.
In case of a three-way tie tiebreakers will apply in a best of one (1) manner.

GosuLeague season two ends with this very last game. mTw takes first place, with mousesports being the runner-up. Darer wins the tiebreaker for third place, leaving with the consolation prize of fourth place.

GosuLeague Season 3 in July

The third season of GosuLeague will continue in July with first and second division. Infused and mTw already won a GosuLeague season each, who is going to be the next champion?

1. mTw
$2,000 USD

2. Mouz
$1,000 USD

3. Darer
$500 USD

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