mTw close GosuLeague season with draw against Moscow Five

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 30 June 2012 20:58

The last match of the season between GosuLeague champions mTw and Russian powerhouse Moscow Five came to a rousing conclusion with the latter fighting back after going down fast in the first game to draw mTw in a sixty minute thriller.

GosuLeague - GAME 1
Europe mTwRussia Moscow Five
dark seer broodmother invoker
chen shadow demon lycanthrope
sandking windrunner
tinker night stalker
natures prophet enchantress lone druid
enigma leshrac queen of pain
venomancer brewmaster
tiny earthshaker

mTw established early dominance right from the start with an full push lineup, aggressively taking down towers at the top lane and threatening for a top barracks push at the fifth minute.

While Moscow Five were able to respond with a couple of early kills off the back of the burst damage provided by Tiny and Queen of Pain, it soon became evident that they were unable to stop their towers from falling. All outer towers were down for Dire by the twentieth minute.

After getting a Radiance on Lone Druid and a couple of other core items on the rest of their heroes, mTw returned to the top lane for a barracks push and after successfully clearing out Moscow Five at 23 minutes, they took top barracks and the GG call from Dire came shortly after.

GosuLeague - GAME 2
Russia M5Europe mTw
lone druid beastmaster leshrac
dark seer lycanthrope broodmother
sandking chaos
venomancer storm spirit
chen enigma night stalker
natures prophet invoker ancient apparition
shadow demon anti mage
clockwerk spectre

Counter to how the first game went for mTw, they decided to opt for a popular DotA global strategy with Ancient Apparition, Prophet, Clockwerk Goblin and Spectre with assists from an Extort Invoker. However, effective laning by Moscow Five kept them in the game despite an early 24 minute Radiance by Spectre.

It was an even game going into mid game and Anti Mage was getting caught out being overly aggressive. Enigma's Black Holes gave Moscow Five the lead and set up space for the Radiant to slowly turtle up their carries. Meanwhile, Vigoss' Night Stalker was dominating the night with a 17-4 kill score at one point and a Black King Bar, Satanic and a Aghanim's Scepter.

Moscow Five were able to slowly take barracks by initiating pushes into mTw's base and despite buybacks giving Dire space to defend the pushes, it eventually came down to Anti Mage overpowering mTw and Moscow Five were able to claim game two of the best of two series.

VODs from the matches will be coming your way soon!