Keita, Virtus Pro hop off The Defense, PR and uebelst to replace

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 27 June 2012 13:19
joinDOTA announces that Keita Gaming and Virtus Pro have thrown in the towel for their flagship tournament The Defense. The teams will be replaced by uebelst-gamynG and Power Rangers in the respective groups.

The Razer and BenQ sponsored tournament goes on, but without the reported temporarily disbanded Virtus Pro and a Keita Gaming with lineup issues.

Virtus Pro's replacement uebelst-gamynG has already proven their worth in the group by scoring a win against 4 Friends + Chrillee. Keita Gaming's substitute, Power Rangers, starts with a 0-1 score as they overtake Keita's spot in Group 4.

The Defense continues today with Absolute Legends versus newcomers uebelst gamynG, 4 Friends + Chrillee against Moscow 5, Copenhagen Wolves versus POTM Bottom and Quantic Gaming against POTM.

The Defense Group Stage
Group 1
Sweden Team Infused
United States Evil Geniuses
Europe Mousesports
Germany We haz Asian
Ukraine Darer
Russia zNation
Group 2
United States compLexity
Germany uebelst-gamynG
Australia Absolute Legends
United States Hydra
Sweden 4 Friends + Chrillee
Russia Moscow Five
Group 3
Europe mTw
Slovakia Storm Games Clan
Russia Empire
Europe Fnatic
Ukraine Natus Vincere
Group 4
Sweden Counter Logic Gaming
Europe HelloMoto
Europe Copenhagen Wolves
Belarus Power Rangers
United States POTM bottom
United States Quantic Gaming