Prodota 2 Asian and European group stages wrap up

Posted by "AnakAyam" at 27 June 2012 12:25
Prodota 2, the first worldwide DotA 2 league, will round off its bracket stage for the Asian and European divisions in the next few days. The American division has not started the second round of matches yet but the schedule has already been released.

The closing games of the group stages in the former two divisions will be a bonanza for fans of top level DotA 2. These mostly feature teams that qualify for The International 2, with the exceptions of Infused and mouz. The matches nonetheless promise to excite and will determine which teams get to the playoff round that pits qualifying teams from different regions against each other.

At stake are eight playoff berths, with 2 reserved for the American teams and 3 each for the Europeans and Asians. Considering the current standings and matches left to play, Orange and DK will contend for one of the Asian berths. Should both teams win their games against aL and MUFC respectively, they will be on 16 points with along with EHOME. Meanwhile Zenith have long secured their spot with an almost perfect record of 13 wins and 1 loss (25 points)

On the European side, mouz and CLG have confirmed their playoff attendance. The fight for the last ticket is rather complex, to summarise it can be said that Infused (16), Navi (16) and Darer (14) are mathematically still in the game. Infused are more likely to prevail since they have two games in hand as compared to Navi's one. The match on June 29 between these teams will prove decisive indeed.

If you guys want to watch these play for the right to win 10k USD, the schedule is as follows:

Prodota 2 League
June 28 Malaysia MUFC vs. China DK 16:00 Asia
June 28 Australia aL vs. Malaysia Orange eSports 17:00 Asia
June 28 Germany Mouz vs. Russia M5.BenQ 17:00 Europe
June 29 Ukraine Darer vs. Russia M5.BenQ 18:00 Europe
June 29 Sweden Infused vs. Ukraine Natus Vincere 19:00 Europe

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