Keita move up five after GosuLeague win against Infs

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 27 June 2012 00:39

20050-1340750917.jpegKeita from zero to hero in today's GosuLeague matches. First the Swedes help mousesports increasing their lead in Division 1, then they defeat Infused to move up to second place in the ranking.

Originally, Keita Gaming was meant to play two GosuLeague matches today, trying to catch up with the delayed playdays. However, the match against mousesports had to be forfeited and only the match against Infused was played in the end.

mousesports was pushed further to the top of the ranking because of that default win. The German-based team is now in first place all alone, after reaching it together with Darer the day before.

First match was even until minute 15

In the first match, although Chen and Broodmaster were picked from the teams respectively, the early game did not show a lot of successful tower pushing. Only three towers were destroyed until minute 15. This minute was the turning point for Keita Gaming.

Up to that moment, both teams were still pretty even concerning hero kills and tower kills. From the score of 12-11, Keita started to roll over the opponents, resulting in more than 10 consecutive hero kills going to Keita's Radiant side. Team Infused consequentially called good game and wanted to get another chance in the second match.

Sweden KeitaSweden Infs
invoker natures prophet enchantress
lycanthrope dark seer beastmaster
enigma shadow demon
sandking tidehunter
chen queen of pain windrunner
brewmaster leshrac broodmother
chaos lina
venomancer morphling

The second game was even more a mess for team Infused. With the fearful combination of Morphling and Crystal Maiden, Keita Gaming found another successful strategy against Infused. The Swedes from Infused tried to show that the hero mousesports used against them the day before, Clinkz, can lead them to victory as well.

Morphling Crystal Maiden combo keeps being deadly

Starting the game with four deaths before the first kill, is not a good idea with Clinkz, however. In direct comparison with Black's farm of the game before, Infused didn't have Orchid's Malevolence finished on Clinkz even after 25 minutes, while Black had it ready and up after 18 minutes in the match against Infused. In this second game, Infused was at some point already behind 4-20 in hero kills, which is only one indicator for how one-sided this second match was.

Sweden InfsSweden Keita
leshrac dark seer invoker
lycanthrope chen natures prophet
earthshaker queen of pain
night stalker anti mage
enchantress windrunner shadow demon
beastmaster crystal maiden morphling
enigma clinkz
tidehunter puck

With these two wins against team Infused, Keita Gaming has surpassed four teams in GosuLeague Division 1. The team is now in second place, tied with Darer. Darer has to play one more match still, though.

Keita 2nd, Infused 6th

Infused has collected the third loss, and is now in sixth place together with EYES ON U. With only two games left for both teams, the remaining matches will be even more important for the two Swedish teams in the first Division. GosuLeague continues on Wednesday with the top match between mTw and Darer.

Keita's bonzajajaj had a very interesting statement after the match in GosuGamers' GosuBet comments:

Statement by bonzajajaj:

"This was the first time we played as all 5 since dreamhack and I honestly don't know what will be the future of keita's roster. It's summertime now and many of us lost a lot of motivation the past couple of weeks due to bad results and split thoughts about how the game should be played. But we gonna play out this season of GosuLeague and StarLadder, then I guess only time can tell what will happen."

GosuLeague Divison 1
Team Matches Wins Draws Losses Score Diff. Points
Germany Mouz 4 3 1 0 +3 7
Ukraine Darer 4 2 1 1 +1 5
Sweden Keita 5 1 3 1 0 5
Europe mTw 3 1 2 0 +1 4
Kazakstan 4 1 2 1 0 4
Germany EYES 3 1 1 1 0 3
Sweden infs 5 1 1 3 -2 3
Russia M5 4 0 1 3 -3 1

More information: GosuLeague Division 1