mTw edge out Quantic in second quarter final

Posted by Ulrich "KongoTime" Hanten at 18 June 2012 00:25

Despite not being covered by the official DreamHackDOTA stream, the second Quarter final between mTw and Quantic shaped out to be an entertaining thriller in the first game, followed by onesided affair in the second.

Game 1
United States QuanticEurope mTw
beastmaster morphling windrunner

chen vengeful spirit
venomancer lone druid queen of pain

enigma shadow demon

Even though a lot of game one's tension was born out of misplays by either side, both mTw and Quantic delivered high class entertainment in the first sixty minutes of the evening.

The Americans placed their solo heroes Windrunner and Beastmaster on middle and top lane where they faced Queen of Pain, respectively a Venomancer, Shadow Demon duo. This was done in order to free more forces for bottom lane, where Korok's Morphling intended to farm safely against a Lone Druid by mTw.

While Solara's Windrunner fell victim to the Dire's ganks quite a bit and was to become the main liability of Quantic later, Paint on Beastmaster did better than expected against the opposing dual lane and even contributed to the first kill, which LastHitMagic's Wildekin scored with a Tornado on syndereN.

The first minutes at bottom lane went satisfactory for both sides until Quantic started to use their numerical advantage and initiated smoke-ganks onto Lone Druid that partially made up for Solara's early deaths.

After exchanging kills for the first 13 minutes and the score reaching 7:5 in favour of Quantic, both teams suddenly switched into a more passive phase and pursued to obtain a core set of items on their key heroes.

Even though Funzii's plagued Lone Druid managed to get the money for his desired Radiance together, Morphling used the same time to build Ethereal Blade. Against predictions that saw mTw on top in fights through the purchased Radiance, it was Quantic that gained the upper hand and put the Europeans on the edge of losing.

It was a series of mistakes, kicked off by a wrongly engaged fight at Roshan that bought mTw more time to somehow get their game back on and force one beneficial trade after another. The mobility and disabling power (through Scythe of Vyse) of Sockshka's Queen of Pain evolved to an addition force working in mTw's favour as well.

Despite an almost fully equipped Morphling, which at one point also managed to snipe the Dire's bottom barracks in a careless moment of mTw, Quantic eventually managed to give the game away following worse team fight presence than their opponent in the last ten minutes and their heroes not continuing to increase their potential beyond mid game.

Game 2
Europe mTwUnited States Quantic
natures prophet beastmaster venomancer

crystal maiden riki
leshrac enigma morphling

windrunner earthshaker

In the second game, mTw's bottom tripple lane with Riki, Crystal Maiden and Venomancer scored the first kills quickly against Quantic's trio that featured Korok on his best hero, Morphling yet again. That lead the Americans to quickly swap Korok with their top solo Solara (Windrunner).

That didn't help the situation however, as mTw started to roam shortly later and in the most beneficial way for them. Assisted by a constantly present Prophet, everbody on the Radiant side contributed to set the score to new heights.

Pleasant to watch: Even Sockshka on Riki spent close to no time farming, but decided to get to his items solely by assassinating Quantic heroes. A fast Diffusal Blade on him left the Americans with close to no shot at a comeback.

Whenever Quantic scored kills, the heroes they had to trade for them almost never justified the engagement in the first place. One could see that the Americans were still demoralized from the first encounter, hence were not able to find an answer to mTw's aggression.

Not much time passed until the Dire's base was under heavy attack and the first barracks being demolished in the process.

mTw will now move on to face Mouz in the semi final, which at the same time marks the rematch of The International's West Qualifier final.