mouz eliminates CLG in quarterfinals of DreamHack

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 17 June 2012 23:33

Tournament favorites Counter Logic Gaming met their match in the quarter finals when they went up against Mousesports in a best of three showdown. The latter took the victory two games to nil and forced the Swedish powerhouse out of the tournament.

Game 1
Sweden CLGGermany mouz
broodmother venomancer queen of pain

lich faceless void
sandking enigma beastmaster

anti mage crystal maiden

Mousesports began the game with an aggressive combination of Anti-Mage and Crystal Maiden at mid lane against a dual Venomancer and Queen of Pain - first blood was netted on the Crystal Maiden, and things were horrendous for Anti-Mage, who was unable to farm under the two ranged harassments and Shadow Strike spam by Queen of Pain.

Despite this, Sand King was able to purchase a Blink Dagger at 15 minutes, and he made CLG pay 2 minutes later with a 3-0 teamfight going in mouz's way as CLG tried to push down Dire's tier one mid tower. The score was 6-15 in Dire's favor at 22 minutes.

With another Blink Dagger purchased on SexyBamboe's Enigma, a 5-3 exchange went once again in mousesport's favor at 26 minutes as a Black Hole caught out four of CLG's lineup. mouz took down a tier 2 mid tower minutes later and went for Roshan at 29 minutes, placing the Aegis on Anti-Mage.

As mouz tried to push into CLG's base at 33 minutes, they almost took out both barracks towers if not for a buyback on Lacoste's Broodmother, forcing mouz to back off after claiming only melee barracks.

Thing were looking ominous for CLG, and with another mid base push at 36 minutes, Misery's Queen of Pain got caught out under the tower. In a desperate attempt to turn the tides for CLG, Pajkatt leaped into mouz and caught nobody with his Chronosphere - MiSeRy did not hesitate to call the GG without defending mid barracks, bringing the match 1-0 in mouz's favor.

Game 2
Germany mouzSweden CLG
venomancer chen enigma

clinkz slardar
lone druid shadow demon beastmaster

tinker leshrac

The early game started with an aggressive dive into Dire's top tier 1 tower at 4 minutes, leading to 5 kills which were split up 2-3 in CLG's favor. The Swedish powerhouse added to their advantage an early 9 minute Boots of Travel on Tinker, and with his presence all over the map, the kill score was 2-6 at 10 minutes.

However, mouz were slowly pulling back with an Orchid of Malevolence completed on Clinkz at 17 minutes, and mouz were able to take down four of CLG's towers and push the kill score to 5-8 in CLG's favor at 18 minutes.

With a Blink Dagger on SingSing, a 3-1 fight went in mouz's favor at 22 minutes, and it also seemed as if the DPS from Slardar and Clinkz was too much for Pajkatt's Lone Druid to tank alone. The initiation from mouz was too strong with another Blink Dagger up on Slardar at 26 minutes and Black King Bars on Enigma and Clinkz.

With their core items up, mouz took out Roshan at 30 minutes and placed the Aegis on Clinkz. A sneaky Smoke attempt by CLG near Dire's forest at 34 minutes went horribly wrong as the Swedish team lost two heroes with SingSing's Black Hole. mouz immediately took top barracks without any contest by CLG.

They were later able to claim CLG's mid melee barracks at 37 minutes while losing the Aegis on Clinkz, and the creep wave eventually took out CLG's remaining barracks at mid at 39 minutes. With the amount of map control provided by destroyed barracks on top and mid, mouz were able to place a second Aegis on Clinkz at 40 minutes.

Almost without hesitation, mouz stormed into CLG's bottom barracks at 42 minutes, and with the advantage they had built up over gold and items, buybacks on Tinker and Beastmaster could not stop the push and CLG forfeited the game.

Mousesports advance, and tournament favorites CLG are out of the tournament. DreamHack Corsair loses their last home team.