Four Swedish teams fill up groups C and D at DreamHack

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 16 June 2012 23:33

The all-Swedish BYOC tournament of the Dota 2 Vengeance Cup at DreamHack has come to an end. Four teams fill up the groups C and D.

The BYOC tournament at Jönköping is over. It started in the afternoon with a total of 18 teams participating. In the end, only four teams remained and were seeded into the remaining slots in groups C and D.

The semifinals of the BYOC teams were only played to determine which of the recently qualified teams may not be seeded into one group. The four lucky teams who may compete with team EG, Na'Vi, CLG and mTw are: DN-Gaming and SIB in group D as well as Cop Top and Main Alpha Dmitiri in group C.

DHS 12 Teams
Group AGroup B
Europe mouz
Denmark TTB
Ukraine Darer
Sweden Keita
Sweden Infused
United States Quantic
Australia Absolute Legends
Sweden 4FC
Group CGroup D
Ukraine Na`Vi
Sweden CLG
Sweden Cop Top
Sweden Main Alpha Dmitri
Europe mTw
United States EG
Sweden SIB
Sweden DN-Gaming

Source: DreamHack