AL DotA 2 In-House League Division 2

Posted by Bruno "gg-wicked" Carlucci at 15 June 2012 01:30

Due to massive feedback regarding many high-skilled players that just can't make it into the very top that is IHL Division 1, but would like to play IHL games; we are announcing the launch of AL DotA 2 IHL Division 2!

Since the process of creating a proper in-reach division for just about everyone is very delicate, here's the exact time-line of how things will work :

• From right now until 16th June, anyone can request a vouch on the forums here!

• Starting 16th, Trial League will run until 20th, during this period the goal is for players to play a couple of games test-running the bots and getting used to our system, while enjoying them and of course keeping the rage down as much as possible.

• The more people, the merrier; this trial league also allows you to invite all of your friends without restraints as anyone can participate in it.

• 20th June marks the end of the trial run, with some unvouches to follow for those who have failed the trial run or have broken any rules. The next two days will allow those who have been unvouched to request a re-vouch if they please, and upon receiving enough supports from other players they might get re-vouched.

• 22nd June marks the start of the actual league. Winners and stats are based on a weekly basis; the top 3 players of every week will be trial vouched in Division 1 (Which is the division strictly for top players) thus giving you the chance to become one of the top players yourself!

For further information or any inquiries you might have, visit #AL.Arena.D2L2 on Quakenet IRC. for more info contact : Martin , Pnct , AnGeul.