Virtus.Pro not attending DreamHack Summer 2012

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 12 June 2012 16:43

Virtus.Pro has officially canceled the DreamHack trip. Replacement team is currently being searched by DreamHack admins.

The chief editor of Virtus.Pro, Kirill 'gurkie' Ovsyannikov has officially confirmed to DreamHack, that the Dota 2 team of VP is not going to travel to Sweden. No official reason has been given, but after the loss of Virtus.Pro against zNation in The International 2 qualifier, it was already projected by KuroKy, that a disband of the team is 'quite possible'.

DreamHack admins are currently searching for a replacement invite to DH Summer Dota 2 Vengeance Cup. Virtus.Pro originally qualified in the fourth and last online qualification tournament. In the final, the team won against compLexity from the United States. Because of the short notice and the long distance, it is highly unlikely that compLexity is going to fill the spot.

Although DreamHack organizers did not say which team is considered to be a possible replacement, it might be a Scandinavian team, or one of the teams which registered for the BYOC tournament in Jönköping.

DHS 12 Teams
Group AGroup B
Europe mouz
Denmark TTB
Ukraine Darer
Sweden Keita
Sweden Infused
United States Quantic
Australia Absolute Legends
Other TBA
Group CGroup D
Ukraine Na`Vi
Sweden CLG
Other BYOC Qualifier
Other BYOC Qualifier
Europe mTw
United States EG
Other BYOC Qualifier
Other BYOC Qualifier

Source: DreamHack