TongFu takes the East Qualifier

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 10 June 2012 19:02

It has been five days of epic Dota 2 action right from the get go and our champions TongFu have played it spectacularly throughout. Besting WE three games to nil in the Grand Finals, TongFu are now the fifteenth team for The International 2012.

The first game was a 77 minute feast for fans of the highly defensive Chinese play - it was Dragon Knight against a Morphling and a Prophet on WE's side as both teams tried to out-dps the other and take out the other's towers while ensuring that they had buybacks on their side. TongFu eventually took the win after Ancient Apparition and Earthshaker were picked off without buybacks on WE's side.

Game two, however, was a much more one-sided affair. TongFu was able to establish a 10,000 gold and 6-tower advantage by 18 minutes on the back of aggressive pushing by Chen, and with a Linken's Sphere, Treads and Radiance completed on Weaver at 25 minutes, it was not long before they were able to force their way into WE's barracks and claim the victory.

The final game featured Hao on Queen of Pain, Mu on Invoker and SanSheng on Bounty Hunter - a lineup they were so familiar with it would take an impressive performance from WE to take them down. Despite shutting down Hao in the early game, his Black King Bar eventually came at 25 minutes, and TongFu were more than eager to cross the finish line.

At 40 minutes, and after getting up the items they needed, TongFu went for one final mid push and they easily claimed two barracks without much resistance. Going for the throne, TongFu were on precipice of victory - with one last team fight, WE's Luo called the GG and forfeited the championship. TongFu have the East Wild Card.

The sixteenth and final slot will be determined in the Grand Finals of the West Qualifier, due to be played between and mTw. The latter, having only just beaten mousesports in the Loser's Bracket finals, will now face in a best of five match-up.

Who will claim the West?

Check out more information about the games here!

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