06-06-2012 Patch Released. Three new heroes available.

Posted by NonActive "Machz" Account at 07 June 2012 05:38
Three new heroes have been released in this week's patch.This update won't be pushed to the main Dota 2 client until the Wild Cards qualifiers are done on Monday.

Icefrog himself states: This update won't be pushed to the main Dota 2 client until the Wild Cards qualifiers are done. We expect this to be on Monday. To distract you from this fact, here are three heroes!

Gyrocopter, fan's favorite Phantom Assassin and possible metagame changer Chaos Knight have been released in the Dota 2 Test build.


Look at my horse! My horse is amazing!

As always, here is the change log!

- Added Chaos Knight, Phantom Assassin, and Gyrocopter!
- Drow: Fixed Frost Arrows not working on mechanical units.
- Morphling: Added effects for strength and agility morph as well as an overhead timer for replicate.
- Nature's Prophet: Fixed Sprout destroying other trees around it.
- Shadow Demon: Fixed Soul Catcher being dispellable.
- Shadow Demon: Fixed Shadow Poison impact damage not hurting Disrupted units (and thus not disabling Blink).
- Fixed targeted spells not temporarily revealing the attacker.
- Fixed Orb of venom working on denies.
- Fixed the following spells being castable on magic immune allies: Nightmare, Frost Armor, Nature's Guise, Holy Persuasion, Decrepify, Astral Imprisonment, Shadow Word and X Marks The Spot

- Selecting "Equip" on an item in the backpack now flips to the loadout and automatically does the equipping for you.
- Added support for watching replays via URL. For example, "dota2://dota2://matchid=15478&matchtime=300" will go directly to five minutes into match 15478.
- Added button in replay panel to copy an URL into the clipboard that can be used to get back to that point in that replay.
- Added Hall of Fame trophies to the bases. Clicking on them will display the winning teams of The International.

- Made bots not leave a gank if they currently have the ability to reincarnate and allies are still attacking.
- Fixed bug where bots would pick their heroes before humans locked in their picks.

Until we start watching Ck+CM mid, follow The International Qualifiers through GosuGamers and root for your favorite team!

Do you like the new heroes? Share your thoughts!

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