EYES ON U acquire new Dota 2 division

Posted by Cisco "Shogunner" Zarandin Araneta at 03 June 2012 23:46

EYES ON U announce a new Dota 2 division. The squad will include ex-EnRo players crusH, Naturel, and EDE.

Professional Gaming Organization Germany EYES ON U has announced their new Dota 2 lineup. The team, which is comprised of three ex-members of Germany EnRo aswell as NotAHax will be representing the organization in upcoming tournaments and leagues. The team's fifth member is soon to be announced according to the website.

Statement from Captain Austria Aaron "crusH" Marik:

Deutsche (Original): Wir freuen uns sehr, für EYES ON U spielen zu dürfen. Vorallem ich, da ich persönlich schon einige Zeit in DotA1 als Team-Captain hier verbringen durfte. Gute Erinnerungen haben ich mitgenommen und ich wusste es immer sehr zu schätzen. Es wird nicht lange dauern, bis wir in unserem neuen Zuhause aktiv werden, denn viele offizielle Matches stehen schon vor der Tür, in denen wir auch beweisen können, dass wir DAS deutsche Team sind.

English (Translated): We really like playing for EYES ON U. Especially since I had a wonderful time in DotA 1 as Captain here. It brings back nice memories that I really appreciate. It won't be long until we start playing for our new team since many official matches are coming up, where we can hopefully prove that we are THE German team!

The team can be seen playing in the Absolute Legends Dota 2 Invitational as well as our very own GosuLeague Season 2 \ Division 1.

Previous success of the squad includes the following:
- 1st Place @ Just4DotA2Cup
- 1st Place @ 5v5 myESTV Qualification
- 1st Place @ Gosuleague Qualification #5
- 2nd Place @ eSdom Dota 2 Cup Weekly #1
- 3rd Place @ Gosuleague Qualification #1

Official EYES ON U Roster:
- Austria crusH
- Germany Naturel
- Germany EDE
- Finland NotAHax
- Other To Be Announced

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