Darer replaces DTS in GosuLeague

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 31 May 2012 23:26

Darer replaces DTS in the GosuLeague Division 1 after beating Empire in the replacement match.

Darer and Empire faced each other four times today. First in the StarSeries, where Darer won with a successful push strategy. The other three games were the best-of-three for the replacement match.

Darer replaces DTS and is the seventh team for the next GosuLeague

In the first match, Darer repeated the push strategy and achieved another win within 20 minutes. In the second game, Empire managed to get to the mid game and won a big teamfight. Darer did not manage to get a comeback from this situation. In the important and decisive last match, Darer allowed team Empire to play with a Lycanthrope. Empire decided to go for a Necronomicon push strategy, but barely failed to tear down the bottom rax. After this failure, the teamfights had the better end for Darer, which claims the win and the GosuLeague spot.

GosuLeague Division 1
Sweden Infused Sweden Keita-Gaming
Russia Moscow5 Kazakhstan NEXT
Germany mousesports Germany EnRo-GriFFins
Ukraine Darer Other Qualifier II

Empire in the replacement tournament tomorrow with mTw, VP and SGC

Though losing today, team Empire has a second chance tomorrow. The spot of team It's GoSu will be distributed to the winner of a mini tournament with mTw, Virtus.Pro, Storm Games Clan and Empire in the run. The qualification tournament will be casted by GosuGamers' caster David 'GoDZ' Parker.

VoDs of today's matches will be uploaded and added to the GosuGamers archive as soon as possible.

Qualifier II - June 1st
TimeBest-of Team 1 Team 2

19 CET 1Europe mTw vsRussia Virtus.Pro
20 CET 1Slovakia SGC vsRussia Empire
21 CET 3Other finalist vsOther finalist

Source: Darer vs. Empire in GosuBet, GosuLeague Division 1