EG, Zenith, Darer and LGD are invited to The International

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 25 May 2012 19:14

Only two invited teams remain unknown for The International 2012 this year after Valve's decision to leave two slots open for wildcard qualifiers. Valve announces their latest invitations to the Seattle - and EG, Zenith, Darer and LGD are in on the fun.

The American outfit led by legendary Danish captain Maelk are in strong stead to perform at this year's event - Zenith are in a similar situation as only recently did they reconfigure their lineup with Jonathan "Loda" Berg after the latter moved over from his hometown in Sweden to Singapore.

Their recent takedown of EHOME, who were undefeated in their last eleven Dota 2 matches, suggests that the addition of the star carry/solo mid player will look to make them a formidable force this year, perhaps even besting the old Scythe's 3rd placing in 2011.

Keeping up with the homogeneous spread is the invitation of Ukrainian team Darer as well as Chinese powerhouse LGD - the former, who recently only picked up the DTS trio of Go[blin], Mag and Funn1k, have much more to prove but the leadership of ArtStyle should never be doubted - even more so when V1lat promoted them as 'the only team who could take down Na`Vi at The International.'

Lastly, the decision to add LGD, the fourth Chinese team into the mix, shows that China will once again be a huge contender for glory this year. Already, we have witnessed the incredible rise of DK in their demolishing of established Australian powerhouse Absolute Legends - what more can be said of Chinese teams in three months?

As always, we are looking to hear your thoughts when it comes down to the invitations for Dota 2's grandest event - who deserves the last two tickets?

The International 2012 \ Invited teams (12/16)
Australia Absolute Legends
Ukraine Natus Vincere
Sweden Team CLG
Malaysia Orange Esports
China DK E-Sports Club
China EHOME E-Sports Club
China Invictus Gaming
United States EG
Singapore Zenith
Ukraine Darer
China LGD
United States compLexity Gaming

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