Scarlett, SLoG, desRow, Artist leave Eclypsia

Posted by Andrei "procyonlotor" Filote at 13 May 2012 00:29
Photo by: R1CH

French team Eclypsia has lost four players as Andrew 'Slog' An announced the four players' departure over Twitter.

SLoG Wrote:
As of today Scarlett, Artist, Desrow and myself have left Eclypsia, I thank them for their support over the past few months and gl to them

Eclypsia's recent troubles are apparently not at an end. Scarlett was the last player recruited by Eclypsia (shortly after her IPL 4 run) and losing a player of her potential is likely to hurt anyone. SLoG, desRow and Artist are also now teamless. It remains to be seen where they go in the future.