GosuLeague: NEXT go head to head with DTS tonight

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 12 May 2012 12:55

The Kazakhs in might throw a spanner into the works in DTS' aim for the top spot in GosuLeague today. With both teams neck to neck at 3 and 4 points respectively, tonight's showdown will decide who steals the advantage in league standings.

GosuLeague Playday 4
Kazakhstan NEXTUkraine DTS

GosuLeague: #4
Standings: 1-1-1
Profile: [email protected]

Kazakhstan eQual
Kazakhstan Mantis
Kazakhstan LuCky
Kazakhstan StOrm
Kazakstan eXcLusiVe

GosuLeague: #2
Standing: 1-2-0
Profile: [email protected]

Ukraine Go[blin]
Ukraine Mag~
Ukraine Funn1k
Ukraine Allwayswannafly
Belarus Jackal
GosuLeague RecordGosuLeague Record
Kazakhstan NEXT 1-1Russia M5Ukraine DTS2-0Germany EnRo
Kazakhstan NEXT 0-2Sweden KeitaUkraine DTS1-1Europe Mouz
Kazakhstan NEXT 2-0Europe MouzUkraine DTS1-1United States GoSu

At 16:00 CET today, both teams will lock horns in a best of two matchup to determine who will top the league table. NEXT will come fresh from their win over fellow GosuLeague contender Keita Gaming in the recent ProDota 2 League.

DTS, on the other hand, will have to recreate the magic that bestowed upon them the night they pulled off their upset against Na`Vi. It looks like it will be yet another test of NEXT's roster stability as fifth member eXcLusiVe looks to make an impact tonight with his team.

Tune in tonight as GosuGamers brings you all the live action of this exciting matchup.

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