iG debuts at Gigabyte Dota 2 Masters

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 10 May 2012 12:11
iG at Nvidia Gaming Festival 2012. (Zhou, YYF, 430, Faith, Insence)

As SMM 2011 champions and a force to be reckoned with in Chinese competitive DotA, Invictus Gaming are one of the last few teams from China to make their debut in the Dota 2 scene. It has been announced that MSIEvoGT will be replaced by iG in the group stages for the Gigabyte Dota 2 Masters.

"MSI-EvoGT has decided to focus their efforts and training solely on WC3 DotA due to the booming scene in the Philippines and not having enough time to practice and transition to Dota 2," was the reason given for the drop out as both parties reached a mutual agreement to replace the Filipino team. Meanwhile, iG will start on a fresh record with all matches played by MSIEvoGT due to be replayed under the Chinese team.

China Nic, iG Manager

"Dota 2 is taking the global scene by storm, and more and more competitions are beginning to adopt Dota 2 over DotA. From Invictus Gaming's standpoint, we are more passionate about participating internationally and bringing glory to our country - hence the switch to Dota 2 was necessary.

I would like to thank Gigabyte and MSI for this opportunity to play in the Gigabyte Dota 2 Masters, as well as give us the chance to train against the rest of Asia. We are still a new team in Dota 2, but we promise to blow you away by rising to the top in the next few months, because we are iG."

Catch Zhou and co in action tonight at 14:15 CET as they play out their first match against LGD followed by a second match against Malaysian powerhouse Orange at 15:30 CET. Both matches will be broadcasted live by TriumphOfMan and David 'GoDz' Parker tonight at their official TwitchTV stream.

With the news of DK's invite announced only yesterday, what will iG make of these few months leading up to The International? More importantly, will the team be able to catch up with the rest in time for Seattle? Time will tell.

China 'Zhou' Chen Yao (C)
China 'Ferrari 430' Luo Feichi
China 'YYF' Jiang Cen
Malaysia 'Chuan' Wong Hock Chuan
China 'Faith / WAQT' Zeng Hongda

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