iNfernity Gaming, D2G qualify for GosuLeague Season 2

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 02 May 2012 22:56

31 teams gathered on the Wednesday evening to battle over two spots for the second division of GosuLeague's second season. Closing in on hour 22, iNfernity Gaming and Dotings2Good won each of their own semi final to scoop up the spots.

iNfernity Gaming's captain Michal "Chliev" Depta and his Czech Republic lineup will now enter Division 2 of the GosuLeague, where together with 15 other teams will battle for two spots in Division 1 which holds a $3,500 USD prize pool.

Division 2 will be split up in two ladders, 2a and 2b, where each ladder holds a qualification spot to Division 1. The team drawing will be announced when all teams have qualified for the second division.

The Czechs will be joined by the Europe-mixed team Dotings2Good in GosuLeague Division 2 who defeated Brazil squad Vince te Ipsum in the other semi final leg.

The next qualifier for GosuLeague Division 2 is scheduled for May 5, 16:00 CET. Head over to tomorrow as the registration opens on May 3, 20:00 CET.

iNfernity Gaming's run in the qualifier
Czech Republic iNfernity Gaming > Russia awesome-play
Czech Republic iNfernity Gaming > Ukraine 4nothing by AMD
Czech Republic iNfernity Gaming > United States potm bottom
Czech Republic iNfernity Gaming > France BLAST D2

Dotings2Good's run in the qualifier
Faroe Islands Dotings2Good > Greece DeScenDanTs of Spartans
Faroe Islands Dotings2Good > Russia NoThx
Faroe Islands Dotings2Good > Russia inWoods
Faroe Islands Dotings2Good > Brazil Vince te Ipsum

GosuLeague Season 2 Division 2 (2/16)
1. Czech Republic iNfernity Gaming
2. Faroe Islands Dotings2Good
3. Other TBD
4. Other TBD
5. Other TBD
6. Other TBD
7. Other TBD
8. Other TBD
9. Other TBD
10. Other TBD
11. Other TBD
12. Other TBD
13. Other TBD
14. Other TBD
15. Other TBD
16. Other TBD