GoDz: 'I'm as ready as ever for this move'

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 18 April 2012 19:18

As one of the main faces of GosuGamers, David 'GoDz' Parker's passion for eSports and broadcasting has taken him to a kaleidoscope of events and projects over the years. David, however, is about to make his biggest move yet - find out more in this GosuGamers' exclusive.

It came as a sudden announcement on the afternoon of the 18th when David revealed his invitation by Thai eSports to move to Thailand on his official Facebook page. "My flight to Bangkok leaves at 13:55 local time this Thursday, and I'll arrive there Thursday night." His reason for the move?

First, he spoke about how it all came about. "Well, the main reason would be to pursue a more active career in E-Sports. Gigabyte and PlayCyberGames suggested the idea about a month ago, and slowly the puzzle pieces were put together."

"A local organization, Thai Esports, is supporting me to come over as a 'guest consultant' for a period of 2-3 months, then after that I'll see where Thailand and E-sports takes me!" David continued enthusiastically.

It should strike loyal followers of David as no surprise that he is now returning to the country which hosted the first major LAN event of his career at GosuGamers. Back in early October, the eager Australian represented the site at what was one of South East Asia's premier DotA competitions, as seen here in a photo with Orange eSports.

David at ESTC 2011 with Orange eSports

David has since moved on, shouldering bigger projects like GEST while spearheading the Broadcasting team on the site. It would almost, suffice to say, be a huge loss should he abandon his project at GosuGamers. This prompted the following question - will we still see [him] casting for GosuGamers?

His answer was as clear cut as it was assured - "Of course! I should still have lots of free time. My work for Thai eSports consists of commentating 3 different local tournament, GEST (as I have been doing already), various media events and interviews, and finally, some 'casting workshops' I will run for locals."

"A lot of my spare time and evenings will still be spent doing commentating. I wouldn't move if that wasn't possible!"

Fans sticking around this weekend will definitely be in for a treat as top teams from South East Asia once again converge together for the April edition of the Gigabyte eSports Tournament (see).

"GEST this weekend! It's always fun to go back to WC3 DotA casting, and my efforts lately have been split about 50:50 between the two games. With four new teams, and a new structure, I think this will be the most exciting month yet," David confidently proclaimed.

The empty room.

Ultimately, such a drastic lifestyle change would have to come at the cost of personal sacrifices - but David remained positive about his future and made the best out of the present.

"I've been spending time the last three days with my youngest sister here doing small things and enjoying my last few days. I'm currently in an empty room with just my bed, laptop, and an empty desk thanks to all her help packing and moving! I'll miss my life here, and especially Melbourne as a city is a fantastic place to live and I've only been here 2-3 months."

Some may question his readiness for such a bold undertaking - but he is not one to hold second thoughts. "I'm as ready as ever for this move: I'm glad to have a chance to pursue something I'm so passionate about, although sad to see it come at the cost of time spent with family or friends in Australia.

"The amount of supports I've received from all my family, my JoY buddies back in Perth, and everyone in the community makes this possible. I love you all!"