Dota 2 Test enables Random Draft and Lone Druid in Captain's Mode

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 12 April 2012 18:07

It was yet another disappointing week of updates for fans who were looking to see new heroes added to the pool. This week, Valve updated Dota 2 Test with a set of gameplay fixes as well as the introduction of Random Draft and Lone Druid into Captain's Mode.

With the enabling of Random Draft and the introduction of Lone Druid, expect to see these changes implemented into Dota 2 next week when yet another set of changes are applied. Other notable changes this week include a two second window separating a pause and an unpause function as well as a new backtrack effect for Faceless Void.

While the changes this week may not appear to be revealing of much, a separate analysis has been done by Cyborgmatt at his blog analysing released content and showing unreleased content such as up and coming heroes and abilities.

Check out the entire changelog at the following link.

Development Dota 2 - Changelog
Cyborgmatt - Dota 2 Blog