StarsBoba Archie: 'struggling a lot to find a stable sponsor'

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 11 April 2012 11:45
archie-sb-240170.jpgStarsBoba, who claimed second place in the first season of GEST, says in an interview with SK-Gaming that the second season's letdown was due to lack of practice.

- "This time we did not have enough practice prior to the tournament, due to certain personal obligations", said Archie. "We only trained together for a couple of days before the matches so it was more or less a foreseenable result."

Lack of adequate support in Vietnam
Asked to explain why the Vietnamese scene has not been able to attain a stable development compared to neighboring comminutues, Archie says it is lack of adequate support.

- "This really holds back the development of the esports community, which includes Dota as well," said Archie in his reply. He further states that StarsBoba has been struggling to find stable sponsor.

- "StarsBoba have been struggling a lot to find a stable sponsor. Apart from the fact that professional gaming are so socially ignored and generally negatively perceived here; we also have strong real-life obligations and it’s very hard to focus on Dota and still be able to support ourselves."

"We will be the same StarsBoba that we have always been"
As the team switches to Dota 2, the Vietnamese quintet will remain to carry on the fast-paced and aggressive style.

- "Yes, we will be the same StarsBoba that we have always been. That will never change unless we disband or all the fans turn their back on us," says Archie.

StarsBoba will be going up against top tier teams in the ProDota2 Leauge, a tournament Archie predicts won't be easy. He mentions Zenith especially and says hyhy and them have something special.

- "We had to watch out for him in Dota 1 and now we still can't get rid of him in Dota 2," he says and laughs.