Star Ladder Outlook: CLG, dignitas and M5 battling it out

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 11 April 2012 18:15
Two and a half playdays left for Star Series of Star Ladder. Na'Vi and Darer are through to playoffs. CLG, dignitas and M5 are fighting for third and fourth place. EG and GoSu hoping for a good runner-up place or a wonder.

Star Ladder is coming to the end of its regular season. Teams are fighting their last matches, trying hard to qualify for the offline playoffs. The upper half of the table splits into three parts. Two relaxed teams, three tensed teams and two teams not giving up hope.

Na'Vi and Darer can play their last matches relaxed

Two teams have performed really well in the 13 playdays up to now. Na'Vi, undefeated, is on top of everything these days. With a thirteen match win streak, Dendi and his teammates are running for the all-kill. Their last matches are against Infused and DTS; the perfect score seems possible. They are garanteed first spot even if they lose both matches, since they won against Darer. The team with Artstyle has improved its performance after starting 0-2 against Na'Vi and CLG. After those initial games, Darer as well went on a killing spree: 9 wins in a row. With dignitas and Infused as its last opponents, the team should finish in second place. Just as Na'Vi, the team is already qualified for the playoffs.

1.Ukraine Na`Vi 13/0/0 Infused, DTS
2.Russia Darer 11/0/2 dignitas, Infused

CLG, dignitas and M5 battle for playoff spots

Three teams have decent performance, but can not be sure of a guaranteed spot in Kiev yet. The remaining program of the three runner-ups could not be more different: While Dignitas has to show off against Darer and CLG in the last games, Moscow5 can compete with Western Wolves, Quantic and Power Rangers. Especially Power Rangers, currently on a 12 games loss streak, a win for M5 is a must-have. Due to these remaining games, dignitas is in a position where the team can only win, while M5 can still mess it up against the seemingly weaker teams. Both games against Darer and CLG are critical for dignitas, only if they win both, they can go to the playoffs. The best starting point out of the playoff candidates still is for CLG. With three games left and nine wins already on their account, two out of three wins against fnatic, EG and dignitas will seal the deal for sure.

3.Sweden CLG 10/0/3 EG, dignitas
4.Russia M5 8/0/4 WW, Quantic, PR
5.Romania dignitas 8/0/5 Darer, CLG

EG and It'sGoSu could profit in case of failure

TeamEG and It'sGoSu both already accounted six losses in the regular season. Both teams, however, are not out of the run for sure. It'sGoSu has three possibly easier games left and EG can influence the playoff battle heavily with its match against CLG. If any of the favourites fails, EG and It'sGoSu will be on the spot. It would possibly come down to three-way-ties however, so EG and It'sGoSu even then would need a miracle.

6.United States TeamEG 7/0/6 CLG, mTw
7.United States It'sGoSu 6/0/6 fnatic, mouz, NEXT

Key Games: Darer vs. dignitas, EG vs. CLG, CLG vs. dignitas

This leaves us with three top matches to watch: dignitas vs. Darer, scheduled for this Wednesday evening 19 CET and casted by GosuGamers's caster Maven, TeamEG vs. CLG, scheduled for Thursday afternoon 17 CET and CLG vs. dignitas, scheduled for Saturday afternoon 17 CET. These games will probably decide the playoff teams and their ranking. Don't forget about the runner-ups however: Even places 5 to 8 give prize money from 500 US-Dollar to 250 US-Dollar. Teams won't give up those spots lightly.

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