MYM and hyhy part ways, Devils in discussion with Kazakh quintet

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 29 March 2012 16:19
GosuGamers can announce that MeetYourMakers ended their contract with Benedict 'Hyhy' Lim yesterday, March 28 2012. In what has been unknown to the public, the players competing under the MeetYourMakers banner, which included iceiceice, xfreedom, xy, nDrakan and Tia, were never a part of the organization. This was made public to GosuGamers after a sitdown with Sebastian "Falli" Rotterdam, general team manager of MeetYourMakers.

The turns around MeetYourMakers have been many during the past months. With Singaporean player hyhy holding the captain armlet, on-lookers have seen both Malaysian and Singaporean players play under the Devils' banner in leagues for a handful of months. In the light of hyhy's contract completion, GosuGamers reached MeetYourMakers for comments on the carousel.

He had two teams under the MYM flag and both split. That's not what MYM needs at the moment."
Take one: hyhy and the Malaysian quartet
- "He [hyhy] was the only player who had a valid contract, and we were not sure at that moment if we were to create a new team with him," says Falli when we ask him to comment on why they decided to keep the Singaporean while parting with the Malaysian quartet.

- "After our first team [iceiceice, hyhy, Yamateh & co.] split, hyhy launched a news on joinDOTA that MUFC would be joining MeetYourMakers. There was nothing published or agreed from our side, but since MUFC was looking good for us we agreed on that," says Falli.

- "After one or two months, the MUFC team wanted contracts as well, but their opinion on how much they deserved was just amazingly high, so we said they can leave if they want, and they agreed."

Their opinion on how much they deserved was just amazingly high."
Take two: hyhy and the Singaporean side
To fill the void, hyhy brought in the former team mate iceiceice along with other Singaporean talents, to keep participating in leagues and tournaments under the MYM banner. According to Falli, this team was never even a part of the organization. He even says how he told their long-time captain to remove the tag.

- "There was never any news published from our side that we pick up players like ChuaN or such," says Falli.

Why did you guys decided to not renew the contract with hyhy?
- "I mean, that's pretty obvious. He had two teams under the MYM flag and both split. That's not what MYM needs at the moment. We need a solid team. I mean, our former team with Maelk was in MYM for years - and now we have two or three teams in six months? That's definitely not how we want to present MYM in the Dota 2 scene," says Falli.

Take three: The search for what NEXT(.kz) to come
Unlike what other reporters claim, that MYM would not announce any news anytime soon, Falli tells GosuGamers they are in discussion with the Kazakh team formerly known as While nothing is final, MYM's team manager seems motivated to rebuild something strong. They do, however, keep all doors open for other teams, especially when they found out that the former MeetYourMakers star PlaymatE left Evil Geniuses.

hyhy, iceiceice to continue under Zenith banner
The Singaporean roster, currently playing in joinDOTA Masters IV, will from now on be playing under the name Zenith, which trails back to the legendary Singaporean side when hyhy played together with ToFu, Bouncy, XMusica and MikeD. This according to joinDOTA.