WH e-Sports hosts Defend Your Base

Posted by Bruno "AWRNSS" Justo at 10 March 2012 01:21

The Brazilian site will host Defend Your Base, a tournament that features six local teams and two American squads.

We didn't hear much from the Brazilian community in Dota 2 despite their big presence in the game (which is going to grow with the addition of Valve's hosts in Brazil). WH e-Sports decided to change this with Defend Your Base, a tournament to promote the finest national teams to battle against each other and two American teams.

The event will start this Monday and will last for two weeks. The tournament's format is best-of-one single elimination with a best-of-three final. The winner of the competition will be awarded with R$250 (approximately 150 US Dollars).

Teams invited
Brazil paiN Gaming
Brazil FEARZ
Brazil Insight
Brazil MdMM
Brazil FearLess E-Sports
BrazilEndless team
United States It's Gosu
United States Trademark

All the eyes will be settled in the renown American team It's GoSu and paiN, the legendary Brazilian team that defeated several top-teams back in DotA. But we shouldn't count out the other teams. This is best-of-one, this is Brazilian Dota... we should be able to see more than one upset.

Remember to check our GosuBets to know when are they going to play and join the Brazilian massive comments that will will most likely see. We didn't see a THIS IS FOR YOU SANTA in a long time.

GosuGamers will keep you updated.

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