Celebrity Couples Challenge: New date and second imprint

Posted by Ulrich "KongoTime" Hanten at 17 February 2012 14:19
In order to prevent European viewers from setting their alarm clocks to 5am, the time for the Celebrity Couples Challenge has been moved back to 17:00 CET on Sunday the 19th of February. Until then, we can shed light on the second mousepad imprint and more details about the competition.

Next to Merlini's incarnation of Zeus as solid as a rock, Dendi is guiding his companion Furryfish through an autumn forest in the second drawing by artists Melanie Herring, Alice Zhang and Alissa Pang. Ten mousepads each will be signed by the shown couple and raffled among donors, together with Dota 2 beta keys. The biggest contributor will further recieve a special present including a Dota 2 beta key an hour-long Dota lesson with the couple of their choice, a joinDOTA t-shirt autographed by Tobi Wan, a personalized, autographed mouse-pad featuring the print of their choice, and an on-stream shout-out. Both drawings can also be purchased privately at purplekecleon's deviantART page.

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The four couples will square off mid only in a single elimination bracket. First to achieve ten kills or destroy three towers moves on to face the winners of the other match. The played heroes will be drafted via simple text message exchange in a private lobby following the order: Team 1 ban > Team 2 ban> Team 1 pick > Team 2 Pick, times two.

Other Dendi & Furryfish
February 19, 17:00 CET - Bet
Canada Jeyo & Daisy

United States Merlini & Sayuri
February 19, 17:30 CET - Bet
Europe MiSeRy- & Pinksheep

Other Winner #1
February 19, 18:00 CET - Bet
Other Winner #2

Immediately after the final at 18:30 CET, the final amount, as well as the winners of all prizes are to get announced. The broadcasting crew will be strengthened by shinoo, who is set to commentate the showdown in German. You can have a shot at the goodies by donating to our supported charity Child's play in the following widget (Donating through the widget is the only way we can track who donated what amount, please use it if you want to be considered for our prizes).

Dota 2 Celebrity Charity Challenge
NEW Date
Sunday, February 19
NEW Time
08:00 PST
11:00 EST
17:00 CET

GosuGamers stream
United States Purge,
China Luminous (unconfirmed)

joinDOTA stream
Australia TobiWanKenobi

German stream
Germany shinoo

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