DTS gets into Dota 2.

Posted by Bruno "AWRNSS" Justo at 09 January 2012 19:24
Once the most important European DotA organization, DTS decided to come back to the scene and hire PGG's TR.

DTS housed the most dominant and successful European team of the last years. ArtsStyle, LoH, Dendi, Dread and NS fought under DTS' banner and won RGC, several ASUS and MYM PriDe #12 among other tournaments. They also got a bronze medal in WDC'10 and a plate one in ESWC'10.

Here's a video by Lithuania helical showcasing their performances in tournaments.

Ten months after shutting-down their DotA team, DTS will now enter the Dota 2 scene with the former TR's players in their ranks. TR managed to win D2SC against the best teams in the world such as Na'Vi and M5. This will be the return of both vigoss and Goblak to DTS since 2009.

XPEH's statement (DTS project manager):
"We are very pleased that the New Year begins with such a good event for our organization. This is one of the surprises we have for you in 2012. We will be even steeper than DTS.DotA in 2010. This time the players and management are set very seriously. Cheer for DTS and we will not let you down!"

WarLocK's statement (DTS.Dota 2 manager):
"We understand what responsibility carries the "DTS" prefix in our nicknames but this is inevitable and right step for those who are not afraid of difficulties and moves forward. By combining our efforts we will achieve these goals. Believe in us;)"

DTS' Dota 2 line-up is the following:
Russia PGG (c)
Russia Bl00dAngel
Russia blowyourbrain
Russia vigoss
Ukraine Goblak
Ukraine AlwaysWannaFly

DTS will fight in SL's StarLadder in the course of this month. GosuGamer's will keep you updated and wishes DTS a successful run.

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