D2SC: An epic battle with no winner

Posted by Ulrich "KongoTime" Hanten at 09 December 2011 19:43

Despite an ambitiously fought game by both Team Shakira and The Retry in the last match of group E, neither of the two ended up on top afterwards. TeamShakira had the chance to go 3-0, while TR were in for a better seeding than their third place offered. Due to the Russians taking too long seal the victory (in a game that could have gone either way), Mousesports end up snatching first place, moving straight into the semi finals without the need to play an additional relegation round. The mice are the beneficiary side of the time-rating rule and can therefore take tomorrow off and focus on sunday.

Group E
Group F
Teams WLPointsTeams WLPoints
Europe Mousesports216Ukraine Na`Vi104
Russia The Retry216Ukraine eSahara000
France Team Shakira216 Russia M5001
Hungary Leak the Click030Belarus PR010

RelegationSemi FinalGrand Final

Russia The Retry
Other F3

France Team Shakia
Other F2
Other F1
Other TBD

Europe Mousesports
Other TBD

Other TBD
Other TBD

After a horrible start, the Frenchmen were pushed to the edge of defeat several times and had to rely on a strong Spectre to carry home the win. Things worked at first, as TR fell to their knees at the Dire's ramp, losing fight after fight. Through the one or another split push, Barracks were sniped however, moving the game closer to its end than Team Shakira wanted. You can watch the Frenchies fighting off a push in the following clip:

Based on the chart, The Retry will now go up against the third place of group F, whereas, TeamShakira have to live the tougher second place. The second Star Championship day will now go into its last matches, which will complete the second group stage. Next up on the main stage will be eSahara versus Na`Vi in the duel of the two top seeds in group F.