Moscow5 and Na`Vi in best-of-one draw

Posted by Ulrich "KongoTime" Hanten at 09 December 2011 17:18

The Dota 2 Star Championship is well on its way, with several games of the second group stage being resulted. Due to a peculiar situation in the group F opening Na`Vi versus M5, the game ended up getting resulted as a draw after a full disconnect, caused by server problems.

Group E
Group F
Teams WLPointsTeams WLPoints
France Team Shakira206Ukraine Na`Vi001
Europe Mousesports216Ukraine eSahara000
Russia The Retry113 Belarus PR000
Hungary Leak the Click030Russia M5001

The game was already in its final moments with an even scoreline. M5 previously worked hard to get into the Dire's base, due to aggressive pushes with the main object not to get into team fights, but to destroy buildings. It has been a long time since Na`Vi were forced into the defensive role like this, however the Ukrainians showed that the new scenario did not discomfort them. After all field-towers were gone, the game started to shift slowly but steadliy, seeing Na`Vi opening the fights and splitting the Radiant hereos apart.

XBOCT's Stealth Assassin became the leading carry during the mid-game, who together with his team mates was on a good way to turn the game around. When it was Na`Vi's turn to make a move towards the opponent's barracks, on the base of a thin lead in kills, the game server caused all players to disconnect from the game.

Eager to preserve the valuable game-history, everybody desperately tried to reconnect, however what appeared on all joining screens was the scripted epilogue, showing the Radiant's base getting torn apart by neutral creeps, with all save-information lost.

Given the even standing in all aspects, the tournament administration decided to result the game as draw, with the option to replay it, should the other rounds of group F not bring a clear result.

The main stage action continues now with Team Shakira versus The Retry, while Na'Vi move on face Power Rangers in the tournament area.