Na`Vi overcome TR in D2SC group A

Posted by Ulrich "KongoTime" Hanten at 08 December 2011 18:50

Natus Vincere remain the team to beat in the Dota 2 Star Championship as another victory versus The Retry will now let them advance into the second group stage as first.

The Ukrainians picked up the fearsome Pudge, a hero who Dendi excelled with eversince the ESWC grand final, where EHOME were downright butchered. Together with AA as Crystal Maiden on mid lane, an advantage against the opposing Batrider was quickly produced. Puppey on Chen meanwhile tried to create a safe laning-experience for XBOCT, who controlled Drow Ranger on bottom. It was Butcher and Drow Ranger who Na`Vi wanted to become strong, as Light on Beastmaster had to play his own game on top.

In order to counter-maneouver the 1-2-2, TR threw a dual-roam combo of Vengeful Spirit and Tidehunter into the arena, who aimed to attack from behind in superiour number at every possible opportunity. Both strategies had their shares of success, as every hero on Na`Vi fell at least one time, whereas mid and bottom lane were shut down for the Russians whenever the roamers were not around.

It became clear throughout the game and overall tournament day, that TR had recovered from their horrible showing OSPL. Currently fielding the much stronger lineup with Blowa, Bl00dAngel, Goblin, Alwayswannafly and PGG, the squad showed fierce ambition to outsmart Na`Vi in their aggressive ganks, by teleporting instantly to the place of action.

Whenever a fight was lost however, Na`Vi got the better of it, as their aggression enabled them to take towers, whereas TR had to push the Radiant's creeps back first, which again gave the Ukrainians time to revive and return to defend their outposts.

As mid-game started, Dendi began to open up as praised by Dota-fans in the past, landing one hook after another which seemingly got into TR's minds. Due to sufficient support by the fellow radiant heroes, Na`Vi left every fight beyond the 15-minute mark as the winner and came to an unexpectedly fast finish, that XBOCT sealed as the responsible carry.

Group A
Group B
Teams WLPointsTeams WLPoints
Ukraine Na`Vi309France Team Shakira206
Russia TR216Ukraine eSahara206
Russia Fos Style123Ukraine Game Zone020
Ukraine 3D030Ukraine PD020

The game will not incluence the names of the advancing teams, as both sides had enough points beforehand. In group B a similar duel between eSahara and Team Shakira is coming up. As in group A, both top-tier teams did not lose yet.