Update: Brackets and first rounds

Posted by Philipp "ereskigal" Hartmann at 18 June 2010 00:12
The Qualifier has officially started. Some things changed, and some information has to be updated. Read this Update to make sure you are fully prepared.

Since the Qualifiers started, there are no more Roster changes allowed, also note, that Ringers are forbidden.

The South/East Asian Qualifier will be delayed for at least one week. We will update you on further information.

Next to that we created a HoN ingame channel "GosuGamers". You can search for your opponent there, on this page via PM or in IRC.

Good Luck to all participants.


The default times are announced. Means when you are not able to agree on a date, you have to play these times.
The times are also edited in the big news, where every Qualifier is listed.

American Qualifier: Sundays 20:00 EST [GMT-4]

Eastern Europe Qualifier: Fridays 22:00 CET [GMT +2]

Western Europe Qualifier: Fridays 20:00 CET [GMT +2]

South East Asian Qualifier: Sundays 20:00 CST [GMT+8]

Asia, Oceanic & Mixed Qualifier: Sundays 20:00 Australian EST [GMT +10]