Dota 2 Items

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Arms of the Barren Survivor Rare 14w ago
Inscribed Cuffs of Forbidden Knowledge Mythical 51w ago
The Ghastly Gourmand Rare 47w ago
Beard of the Snowpack Savage Rare 8w ago
The International 2016 Emoticon Pack II Mythical 1y ago
Inscribed Vestments of Volatile Majesty Mythical 39w ago
Belt of the Snowpack Savage Rare 8w ago
Axe of the Snowpack Savage Rare 8w ago
Realm of Chaos Pass Common 29w ago
Roshpit Champions Pass Common 29w ago
Raucous Gatecrasher Rare 14w ago
Inscribed Bone Knife of the First Hunt Mythical 46w ago
Inscribed Bracers of Glorious Inspiration Common 14w ago
Autographed Tail of the Stormcrow Uncommon 29w ago
Inscribed Darkfall Warden Quiver Mythical 46w ago
Corrupted Eye of Lyralei Rare 29w ago
Inscribed Mount of the Burning Nightmare Rare 14w ago
Announcer: Monkey King Mythical 1y ago
Inscribed Blade of the Bloodroot Guard Uncommon 46w ago
International 2017 Autograph: Antonina 'Tonya' Predko Legendary 28w ago
Inscribed Whip of the Onyx Fume Common 19w ago
Autographed Mask of the Hazhadal Magebreaker Mythical 1y ago
Autographed Trail of the Fearful Aria Mythical 14w ago
Cape of Enveloping Despair Uncommon 1y ago