OG Dota2 vs LGD / Betting Results

Tournament The International 2017 (Main Event)
Match OG Dota2 vs LGD
Bets 90 (10,062 branches)
User Bet Win/Loss
Grisbon branches5 on LGD 4
frejolito branches25 on OG Dota2 -25
Psychocandy branches15 on LGD 14
kinerb0y branches50 on LGD 49
hmmfiq2 branches10 on OG Dota2 -10
cabzkei branches5 on OG Dota2 -5
geralphparagatos branches10 on LGD 9
kaibigan00 branches197 on OG Dota2 -197
DarkChaosKnightz branches10 on LGD 9
synce88 branches20 on LGD 19
bashpow branches80 on LGD 78
dialz branches74 on LGD 72
dearbalong branches60 on LGD 59
stonebay branches500 on OG Dota2 -500
wttdaniel branches161 on OG Dota2 -161
mirmirmir branches45 on OG Dota2 -45
chard_qwqwq branches25 on OG Dota2 -25
tearherev4 branches67 on LGD 65
skyyuhao branches60 on LGD 59
cincalok branches40 on LGD 39
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