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Germany vs Sweden


Rank: #28 (1,000 pts)

Country: Germany Germany


44 % 56
20999 26725
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Rank: #41 (1,000 pts)

Country: Sweden Sweden



Amount of bets: 184 ( 47,723)
Event: » European Nations Cup
Best of: 5
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: May 22, 2007 at 20:00
Posted by: LeiZ

Match description

ENC Nation Cup - Playday 3

Replays and Live Updates:

Once more ...
... we have to face the German National Team. They performed really well this ENC season, and it seems that they will do everything possible to reach the Offline Finals directly by ending up on the first place.

Tomorrow's match can be seen as a predecider, as I think tomorrow's winner will end up on the first place at the end of the groupstage.

Furthermore I think that we are quite well prepared and the match will be a very close one.

Best of Luck Germany.
- triMble

Lets fight ;)
Hey Guys outside !

1more day left to fight against Sweden and i have to say that i am getting more and more nervous to have the Lineup on the paper.

We got beaten several times from sweden in the past and i feel this Season could be the first that we have the chance to beat them and getting extra motivated for the finals and to win thier.

We will bring for sure alot of power in this war and if i see the spirit in this team then i can say that our chances are good to have a close crazy war and beeing the winner at the end of this war : ) (even if they all whine about maps matchups and races)

gg hf sweden
- TaKe

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