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Na`Vi vs Empire


Rank: #4 (1,475 pts)

Country: Ukraine Ukraine

Clan: Natus Vincere

55 % 45
21796 17833
201 bets 206


Rank: #31 (1,164 pts)

Country: Russia Russia

Clan: Empire


Amount of bets: 407 ( 39,628)
Event: » The Defense #3
Best of: 3
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: February 07, 2013 at 18:00
Posted by: Tjernobylbarnet

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IndonesiaFarizTampan 5 years, 2 weeks ago
navi statistic
empire statistic

hmm with the navi's current condition
i think navi can lost this game sad.gif
Czech RepublicBooncz 5 years, 2 weeks ago
Empire got this
South Africaclariska 5 years, 2 weeks ago
tbh ranking doesnt mean anything.Sad part is EU/NA doesnt really take there gaming srsly.For instance look at EG they can beat any team if they want to but then they throw games vs much weaker teams.Just sad to see how Asian teams are so more professional than EU but with that beinging said Asians do this for a job EU/NA still has college etc :x but still think Navi gonna take this game as we can never count them out XD
Greeceilluilluillu 5 years, 2 weeks ago
sad to watch either of these teams to drop from this tour, finals for both teams:D
Russian FederationIceEyes 5 years, 2 weeks ago
Losers' bracket? Easy for Navi then.
United Kingdomzel_028 5 years, 2 weeks ago
na'vi might be eliminated from the tourney.. na'vi must summon their strenght..
United KingdomHiero 5 years, 2 weeks ago
#6 They need more than 'strenght' to win wink.gif
Russian FederationPr00f 5 years, 2 weeks ago
empire. изи бризи
IndonesiaFarizTampan 5 years, 2 weeks ago
#3 i mean navi is unstable performance
like a football player, stable performance is very needed

ya navi rooster is still the same that when they got 2rd place at TI2
but the performance is not the same when they battle at TI2

i said that coz navi take game seriously when they lost again weaker team
navi when they throw the game vs weaker team
they pick really serious heroes
example : invoker dendi darkseer kunka ezalor eredar vs 3dmax
u know how good dendi invoker
ezalor shadow demon is for counter push and for pushing too
team wipe spell area for counter CK ultimate , skill 1 ezalor kunka ulti invoker tornado meteor defeaning blast combo, skill 3 eredar, darkseer + vakum , so much aoe spell
and kunka for counter akasha and wisp
but they still throw the game ? TT.gif

must be an epic battle between navi and empire
dont know who will win till the end
Russian Federationhabibass 5 years, 2 weeks ago
What a pity, silencer will appear in cm only tommorow. They should postpone this
United Kingdomzel_028 5 years, 2 weeks ago
#7 Do you remember watching Na'Vi vs Empire at starladder season 4? We all knew that Na'Vi was playing horrible and then it took them 1 day of practice to defeat empire. Na'Vi may be inconsistent but never question them once they play seriously.
Indonesiabelmontzzz 5 years, 2 weeks ago
pray everyone, pray for an epic clash crash.gif
Ukrainelostmyself 5 years, 2 weeks ago
navi too lazy even to play 1 scrim per day, so probably empire got this, my bet is for empire but go navi
Viet Nammrbeantt 5 years, 2 weeks ago
Navi has trained with Empire alot of games, They know clearly each other, I hope Navi wins this game !! cool.gif
TurkeyPoppaCooL 5 years, 2 weeks ago
Na'Vi wont make the same mistakes again I guess.
Indonesiaiwashere 5 years, 2 weeks ago
all in empire
Viet Nammrbeantt 5 years, 2 weeks ago
Navi plz, dont destroy all my tangoes crash.gif
Georgiadeathfrostgig 5 years, 2 weeks ago
go go empire!
Philippinesmicro_maniac 5 years, 2 weeks ago
Russians got this sh!t(-_-)t <--dirty finger for all of u.
IndonesiaMary.Elizabeth 5 years, 2 weeks ago
empire fo sho..
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