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Rank: #73 (1,031 pts)

Country: Kazakhstan Kazakhstan


51 % 49
2578 2476
29 bets 34


Rank: #12 (1,338 pts)

Country: Europe Europe

Clan: Fnatic


Amount of bets: 63 ( 5,053)
Event: » Star Ladder Star Series
Best of: 1
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: September 19, 2012 at 18:05
Posted by: GeeJay

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Denmarkbesi.sll 5 years, 26 weeks ago
Poor Fnatic :(

I believe they can cause some upsets in a few months or in a year but now, they just don't have what it takes ;o
Other960 5 years, 26 weeks ago
they still need few months or even a year? they've been playing dota for like 6 months but no results at all

it's just that dota is too hard for hon players
SwedenMr.Greedy- 5 years, 26 weeks ago
#2 They didn't play Dota 2 that much though, mostly focused on HON until like 1 month ago.
Francelune 5 years, 26 weeks ago
some1 streaming this in english?
Braziltdmm 5 years, 26 weeks ago