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mouz vs MUFC (Old)


Rank: #14 (1,324 pts)

Country: Germany Germany

Clan: mousesports

56 % 44
28204 22161
158 bets 118

MUFC (Old)

Rank: -

Country: Malaysia Malaysia

Clan: eclub


Amount of bets: 276 ( 50,364)
Event: » BeyondtheSummit World Tour
Best of: 3
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: July 20, 2012 at 15:00
Posted by: ngazirrrrrrrrrrrrr

Match description

Online Group D - server USWest
Announcement, Buy tickets, English stream, Russian stream, All VODs

Comments (Closed)

United Statesvkky 5 years, 40 weeks ago
time for mufc to shut up loud mouths who say they don't deserve ti invite cool.gif
Chinaoffigothen 5 years, 40 weeks ago
please mufc, show this eu "deserve-a-ticket-to-IT2" team how to play decent DOTA
TurkeyDarkwish_inc 5 years, 40 weeks ago
If you watch the interviews of mouz players you will see they had zero practice for SL Finals at Kiev, they havent practiced anything since they came back from there which took quite a long time for at least 1437. If you think mufc's performance will mean anything against mouz who hasnt practiced at least in the last 10-15 days(and hasnt created a single new strat since before DHS quoted from Sing) you gota be dreaming. Nontheless mouz has put up a really good fight vs iG its gona be nice games i hope, mouz fighting!
Philippineslangka 5 years, 40 weeks ago
^ excuses already?
United Statesngazirrrrrrrrrrrrr 5 years, 40 weeks ago
Group AGBW
Group BGBW
Singapore Zenith02
United States EG02
Sweden CLG0.50
China LGD02
China World Elite0.50
China Tongfu10
Malaysia Orange11
Ukraine Darer10
Group CGBW
Group DGBW
China EHOME02
China IG02
United States coL0.53
China DK02
Russia M50.50
Malaysia MUFC11
Australia aL10
Germany mouz11
Brazil-styfler- 5 years, 40 weeks ago
mufc will be raped

mufc is the Absolut legends from malaysia lol
Indonesiapreachers 5 years, 40 weeks ago
mouz fanboy will cry after this match.
SerbiaPgDn 5 years, 40 weeks ago
I am a mauz fan boy ofc...but I think MUFC will win...If 1437 decides to ban a fucking TA against Nick then mauz have a huge chance...
MalaysiaN7 5 years, 40 weeks ago
#3 Wow DAT damage control!
iG winning Mouz in online match with ping issue,still CONCENTRATING in WC3 DotA and playing at 3am is mindblowing.Stop with your ''lack of practice'' excuses since ALL of the Mouz players are playing Dota 2 exclusively.
DenmarkThereisnoescape 5 years, 40 weeks ago
Pretty easy for Manchester United Football Club
PakistanNuke_- 5 years, 40 weeks ago
Mouz will win this
Russian FederationVizvezdenec 5 years, 40 weeks ago
If mufc picks ta again they will easy lose.
Ukraineoprime 5 years, 40 weeks ago
5k on Mouz crazy.gif
TurkeyDarkwish_inc 5 years, 40 weeks ago
#9 sounds mad and bad thinking mouz playing under 50 ping with 12 hours a day practice like the supported asian teams do.
United Statesdashing_boy 5 years, 40 weeks ago
this tournament (league) or smth like that is kind of a tournament which the results are up to the server. its not fair at all. so win or lose is not a big deal to teams. just thought
MalaysiaN7 5 years, 40 weeks ago
#14 /facepalm
The chinese team STILL concentrating in WC3 DotA no matter how you spin it.
Quote from LGD.xiao8:
Q: Will your team focus on dota2 and practice harder from now on?
LGD.xiao8: We will practice more because we have almost finished our dota1 matches.

EU team SHOULD be ashame of themselves since they got 1 YEAR ADVANTAGE
and blew it by playing throw all day long.

Since you're a hardcore mouz fanboy,must be rough to see Mouz might not play for the TI2.Well..there is always the Singsing penis joke that you can laugh about.
MalaysiaBabyF4CE 5 years, 40 weeks ago
^1 year advantage? You're talking about as if Dota 2 is a completely new game? It takes few weeks to get used to the new engine and everything else is about the same. And apparently it's a crime to support mouz and be a fanboy? ;O And what the fuck does Singsing's jokes have to do with this? You jelly cuz' you can't be funny like him? o.O'
Edit : On topic. ;D Good luck MUFC! Hope you guys win this ;D But if mouz does, it's not so bad either.
Malaysiaeggtat-ec- 5 years, 40 weeks ago
since there's so much attention on eu dota 2 at the moment, an "upset" is sure to surprise many tounge.gif
Malaysia300thecat 5 years, 40 weeks ago
Twitch has the shittiest lags lately. Hope it miraculously smoothens out today.
Philippinesshachihoko 5 years, 40 weeks ago
19 true story.
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