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EG vs Darer (old)


Rank: #9 (1,391 pts)

Country: United States United States

Clan: Evil Geniuses

54 % 46
21276 18124
97 bets 158

Darer (old)

Rank: -

Country: Ukraine Ukraine

Clan: Darer (old)


Amount of bets: 255 ( 39,399)
Event: » The Defense #2
Best of: 1
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: July 11, 2012 at 19:00
Posted by: GeeJay

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Czech Republic_M0T_ 5 years, 37 weeks ago
I don't even know why would anybody schedule any game of EG... From last 6 official games, they showed up only once - imo with that ratio, it's better not to bother everyone with postpones and just disqualify them...
DenmarkMaelk 5 years, 37 weeks ago
Hush child, of all the matches of ours, we've only postponed one of them thus far (since Dreamhack).
United StatesEpizootic 5 years, 37 weeks ago
#1 lol You just got told.
Czech Republic_M0T_ 5 years, 36 weeks ago
#2 Dunno, let's go through history:

Infs vs. EG - Inf forfeited

WhA vs. EG - THE ONLY GAME PLAYED WITH FULL ROSTER ON SCHEDULED TIME, EG won (edit.: I'm listing the games I would watch, I wasn't there when games about and EMPIRE happened and I only now found out they happened, so I don't know how they happened)

zNation vs. EG - zNATION forfeited

zNation vs. EG - got played with 2 standins I think

Na`Vi vs EG - "the game will be played on July 2nd by EG's demand"; on 2nd July: "vilat said that each team is missing 2 players"

coL vs. EG - got played without it being noticed before on gosugamers

EG vs QUANTIC - admin said both of teams had issues so it would get rescheduled

+some games that I didn't notice because I was afk for couple of days

So I have to admit I was wrong about you postponing but still you can understand that one can get angry if he's waiting for 5 games in a row and each get postponed after an hour of watching the stream where nothing is happening. In some cases, it was just unlucky that the team playing against you didn't show up but in other cases, it was your mistake too because you had only 3 players in the scheduled time.

Anyway I'm sorry that I was writing incorrect information and I will check my facts better next time before accusing anybody.
DenmarkMaelk 5 years, 36 weeks ago
Not a problem friend, I do understand your anger. I'm not at all thrilled about it either. With that being said, WE have to postpone this match against Darer until tomorrow due to it being the 4th of July and my American companions wanting to celebrate it. So now there's plenty of reason to hate!
FinlandMatti93 5 years, 36 weeks ago
Czech Republic_M0T_ 5 years, 36 weeks ago
#5 For me it's completely OK to reschedule a game if it happens with enough time before the actual scheduled time. What I hate is when I plan my day so I have time for watching the live stream, I tune in to stream as soon as possible not to miss anything, nothing is happening for an hour and after some more time it is announced that the game won't be played...

BTW: if you're reading this, gl & hf in this game!
Chinalw222 5 years, 36 weeks ago
EG game?
ofc postponed, no suprise

just disband plz
KazakhstanINS.GG 5 years, 36 weeks ago
postponed, darer on their way to Kiev.
KazakhstanRa1ko 5 years, 36 weeks ago
DenmarkMaelk 5 years, 36 weeks ago
Darer had to postpone as they are on their way to Kiev.
IndiaRz.Achi 5 years, 36 weeks ago
Even you guys have to go to Kiev. Isnt it ?
Pitcairn-K 5 years, 36 weeks ago
who is replacing EG in StarsLan finals?
FinlandMatti93 5 years, 35 weeks ago
Czech Republic_M0T_ 5 years, 35 weeks ago
I have a feeling this is finally going to get played. It's going to be a big game, can't wait for it!
Philippinesxie 5 years, 35 weeks ago
All in DARER. cool.gif
United StatesRmZD 5 years, 35 weeks ago
I don't get all this hate towards EG, if the team didn't care about games, why would Maelk care enough to post here?
GL guys ^^
Romaniauzpractic 5 years, 35 weeks ago
who's maelk? he a player?

You piece of shit, you can't stop Charlie Sheen
United StatesDeMoN321 5 years, 35 weeks ago
_M0T_ :( ......
Czech RepublicBooncz 5 years, 35 weeks ago
ArtStyle is back...
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