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MUFC (Old)

Rank: -

Country: Malaysia Malaysia

Clan: eclub

46 % 54
5183 6084
46 bets 67


Rank: -

Country: China China



Amount of bets: 113 ( 11,266)
Event: » Prodota2 League
Best of: 1
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: June 20, 2012 at 17:00
Posted by: Cap.Crunch

Match description

Bet at risk of locked branches.

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Comments (Closed)

Otherpsychotic 5 years, 39 weeks ago
Oh I hope ehome comes back strong ,!!!
Ehome's recent performance is very very bad. As you guys see, they change the position here and there, but still not get a proper configuration.
United StatesClockSheep 5 years, 39 weeks ago
that's because their roster positions are just so ambiguous
I still think Lanm got to be the hard carry and push PCT to support, only way to make things work
Philippinesallelsefails 5 years, 39 weeks ago
EHOME needs to win this badly. I think KingJ can maximize his potential more playing solo heroes. The ideal role for Ehome would be
Lanm 1
KingJ 2/3
Dai 2/3
357 5
Philippinesspree4 5 years, 39 weeks ago
if MUFC beats iG then they will stomp EHOME hard. EHOME is so weak. right now i think WE is even stronger than them. they are definitely part of the weak Chinese teams. TongFu, iG and LGD are the strong ones!
Turkeygondorian 5 years, 39 weeks ago
MUFC got thiss
Canada4dawyn 5 years, 38 weeks ago
X!!! pls go lion solo mid.. i miss that strat from the past EHOME.. ^^.gif
Philippinesxie 5 years, 38 weeks ago
#5. I disagree. Though iG beat them twice with a convincing win, you can not conclude that they are weak. What about lag? Try them on lan. You'll see how they good they are.
United Statesmistmare 5 years, 38 weeks ago
ChinaIGFTW 5 years, 38 weeks ago
MMY! is just one man team. If he is shut down, basically ehome lose the game lol
KazakhstanxRdR 5 years, 38 weeks ago
Ahahaha. So weak. Both teams. I was really cracking up when SD banished himself in front of enemy forge spirits and Invoker sunstriked him from miles away. Perfect feed.
Viet Namweasel1026789 5 years, 38 weeks ago
yes, thanks for the tango manyhappy.gif
UkraineRonnieJames 5 years, 38 weeks ago
Some great Invoker plays.
SerbiaRamiZ 5 years, 38 weeks ago
LaNm 0-7 Chaos Knight... Not to judge just by the score, he really was focused down in every fight, but his decisions were beyond retarded...
Chinaoffigothen 5 years, 38 weeks ago
ChinaIGFTW 5 years, 38 weeks ago
ehome = dai + 4 lol
Philippinesxie 5 years, 38 weeks ago
#15. I don't care about your comment. Thanks for the branches though manyhappy.gif
United StatesAzarkon 5 years, 38 weeks ago
Chaos Knight is a hero that has to gank to get momentum and Ehome's ganks were terrible. Too passive of a play from Ehome but then people overrate OD in the late game -> get BKBs, he dies.
ChinakenG 5 years, 38 weeks ago
I have different opinin. Early ganks from Ck are totally failed which lead to a role change of CK in decision making.MB Ehome had already pictured Ck's roles under different situations.If CK succeed in early game, carry no doubt.If fails, fake carry or MT.After all,invoker grows extremly well and lone druid farms smoothly(thanks to CK's sacrifice).nOW that no one can stop MUfc's desire of ganking CK,why not make CK a bait and draw the opposite's all attention.
ChinaPaul_Reyes 5 years, 38 weeks ago
The CK sucks without any excuse. He should have be more aggressive and efficient in both gank and farm, but he failed.

It is really really depressed that CK+AA couldn't gain great advantage over their counterpart. Indeed.

Ehome's victory owned to Dai's invoker. Even the Druid is no more than a pub player in this game. crash.gif