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SGC vs ???


Rank: -

Country: Slovakia Slovakia

Clan: Storm Games Clan

26 % 74
41 114
1 bets 2


Rank: #55 (1,058 pts)

Country: Europe Europe



Amount of bets: 3 ( 154)
Event: » GosuLeague Division 1 \ Season 1
Best of: 3
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: June 01, 2012 at 22:00
Posted by: turik

Match description

Division 1 Qualifiers - Final

Division overview
United States Stream, with Whatiship

Comments (Closed)

GermanyAuraFlash 5 years, 37 weeks ago
all in on fknmad and his provoking skill,
RomaniaMotanuD 5 years, 37 weeks ago
Epic pudge!
CanadaheSuhtate 5 years, 37 weeks ago
mtw struggling
Othergabriel_5991 5 years, 37 weeks ago
RomaniaMotanuD 5 years, 37 weeks ago
Pudge "woke up" and SGC losing rax for no real reason may prove a decisive mistake.
Othergabriel_5991 5 years, 37 weeks ago
Hahahaha Socks fucking sucked the whole game with Pudge then suddenly Dendi but I undertand his strat.

First you act like youre fucking bad so they think you suck then you turn into DENDI BITCH
Iran, Islamic Republic ofJiggs 5 years, 37 weeks ago
SGC played so badly!! I cannot believe how a professional team can have such a low understanding of the game! They had such a huge advantage with 6 twrs down in less than 20 mins. Then they started pushing uphill against invoker/sylla/pudge. That is simply stupid.

They needed to get a gem, get some wards up and start farmin all lanes + mtw's jungle. mtw was turtling and they fell for the bait. And SGC even had the stronger carry for late game. I dont understand the rush for pushing when the opponent has literally no map control. And then they lost rax like thaaat... such an amateur move
RomaniaMotanuD 5 years, 37 weeks ago
And once again SGC lose a rax too easy. At least this time is a ranged one.