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??? vs coL


Rank: #55 (1,058 pts)

Country: Europe Europe


58 % 42
35878 25981
66 bets 59


Rank: -

Country: United States United States

Clan: Team Liquid


Amount of bets: 125 ( 61,858)
Event: » The GD Studio Arena
Best of: 3
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: May 27, 2012 at 23:12
Posted by: ngazirrrrrrrrrrrrr

Match description

Online grand final
United Kingdom Stream, with 2GD

Comments (Closed)

Swedenvadman-Rolle 5 years, 38 weeks ago
Thanks #40 <3
Romaniabone7 5 years, 38 weeks ago
#39 he is right tho......there are no "bad" words, but there is this thing called senseless usage of words. How would it be if the casters would be going "And he's like, and I'm like, and they're like, omg and he was like". You say fuck when it is proper to say it. A "dirty" comedian will say this as well. Commentating quality was beyond horrible. It was 10 times worse than early tobi days.

Gratz mTw for solid peformances.
Swedenwh1te 5 years, 38 weeks ago
#42 I agree. Everything was "what the fuck this" and "what the fuck that". No commentating on picks/bans or even strategies.
Germanybrasi 5 years, 38 weeks ago
Last game got very boring when mTw decided to play it out safe. Such a weak turtle can only get you so far when 5 heros farm on the same pace then your carry does! Pretty happy mTw took it easily in the end, after they locked CoL into base for 25minutes.... Power of fed storm spirit!
There is no point to throw games when Valve might be watching and 1k dollars are on stake wink.gif

Synd like a true captain, WP!
Germanywinternight 5 years, 38 weeks ago
#43 they only didnt comment on picks and bans in the last game because they had been casting for roughly 7 hours already.
GreeceSadbutTrue86 5 years, 38 weeks ago
I was able to watch 2nd game cause of thoes filthy mouthed casters ^^ this mutch was worse than an LoL match .....
Russian Federationwxp 5 years, 38 weeks ago
i muted those assholes, turned on some good music and enjoyed the.. erm farmfest? xdd but srsously, i can totally understand mtw's decision this game, as they basically needed to initiate on chen without getting raped by beastmaster.. col had the power in the picks to draw this game long, even they looked like absolutely losing here oO
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