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Fnatic vs


Rank: #12 (1,338 pts)

Country: Europe Europe

Clan: Fnatic

11 % 89
2432 19673
41 bets 96

Rank: #73 (1,031 pts)

Country: Kazakhstan Kazakhstan



Amount of bets: 137 ( 22,104)
Event: » The Premier League
Best of: 3
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: June 20, 2012 at 18:00
Posted by: Ex1leZ

Comments (Closed)

Kazakhstanprorokjsup 5 years, 44 weeks ago ofc happy.gif
United Statesmg-ac 5 years, 44 weeks ago
It would be interesting if NExt actually made it to int'l
KazakhstanLuxoRR 5 years, 44 weeks ago
Very easy for ^^ wink.gif
Fijiivanthecool 5 years, 44 weeks ago
h4nn1 solos
Denmarkbesi.sll 5 years, 44 weeks ago
Fnatic went to play HoN tour at dreamhack instead of dota2 lol :D
BrazilTardhunter 5 years, 44 weeks ago
HoNtrash vs
2-0 so far in recent match-ups

Let's see if they can get a third
Russian Federationturik 5 years, 44 weeks ago
Unfortunately, fnatic was not able to show up for their match against The Kazakh side has been rewarded a 2-0 victory. Sorry for the inconvenience.