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BLOG: DreamHack Vengeance Cup: Day 2


Sunday, 22:46 - KongoTime

5c74a2fa1ff99655515a9f7c2d43b12b6927a1c762ae73fa38b0239431.jpgDespite not being streamed on the official DreamHackDOTA channel Quantic verus mTw was the much better Dota 2 quarter final to watch. The VoD will most definitely be on Luminous' or LD's channel, but for now, giving the second game of that match a chance is no mistake. Stream link:

Sunday, 22:14 - Malnor

dfead00a6bb1230c47a36597a86ff480edbffaef693c5bf12be1e61082.jpgThe way teams pick offline is very different in the first two quarter finals, if you compar the teams. mTw and Quantic seem like they pretend to be online, because they are very calmly discussing picks and bans in skype, they don't gather at all. mousesports does some intermediate thing. As mostly it's 1437 who is picking, he is just joined by one or two players (mostly Black) sitting in his back and giving comments about the ideas. CLG does the team-spirit way: Gathering in front of Pajkatt's monitor and discussing all ideas as a five-man team. How would your team pick at a LAN-event?

Sunday, 20:37 - Malnor

dfead00a6bb1230c47a36597a86ff480edbffaef693c5bf12be1e61082.jpgPatrik sat down for the last hour and just uploaded a HUGE amount of new photos from day 2! Check out the Flickr Photostream to have a look. Pictures are mostly shot by Anton and Dexter. We are also considering the request to film the players during a game.

Sunday, 19:25 - KongoTime

5c74a2fa1ff99655515a9f7c2d43b12b6927a1c762ae73fa38b0239431.jpgThe quarter finals will not start until 21:00 LT. Mouz will play CLG and Quantic are to meet mTw. The matches will be played simultaneously. All teams are eager to stay focused and not let sleep kick in, while team managers are trying to get energy drinks.

Sunday, 19:07 - Trisnt

3af88f774f5599f1e26ea4f942a841fc796c4766a9576976acc57db310.jpgAs the quarter finals come closer we would like to thank all the teams and players for lining up infront of the cameras. As for picture requests keep them coming and we'll keep uploading them on our flickr page and facebook.

Sunday, 19:00 - KongoTime

5c74a2fa1ff99655515a9f7c2d43b12b6927a1c762ae73fa38b0239431.jpgBREAKING: Just got word, that the playoff matches have been drawn:
Mouz will face CLG, Na`Vi will face Darer, which means mTw(!?) will go up against Quantic and aL being paired with EG

Sunday, 18:07 - KongoTime

5c74a2fa1ff99655515a9f7c2d43b12b6927a1c762ae73fa38b0239431.jpgmTw just decided the duel for first place in group in their favour. The European mix team expressed their confidence loudly and shouted over to EG a couple of times after crucial situations. Both will face a BYOC team in the last round.

Sunday, 18:07 - Raistlin

698411f960134823b112df73a0ef9a3c5bafb9a6ae5c6c2e6ed61b8b8c.jpgAfter a short dinner break inbetween Group C and D, we are now back. The tournament admins are looking to shorten down the schedule so that the quarter finals can start a bit earlier.

Group D has commenced as expected. mTw and Evil Geniuses defeated their first round opponents SIB and DN-Gaming respectively.

Sunday, 16:17 - Raistlin

698411f960134823b112df73a0ef9a3c5bafb9a6ae5c6c2e6ed61b8b8c.jpgAs promised, here's an interview with Puppey. KongoTime made sure to ask him about the much anticipated game between Natus Vincere and Counter Logic Gaming.


Sunday, 15:25 - kurtcos

1df5651b97c12717afe52a66bf21276260c79efb3d20cfb7a7de49df43.jpgThe round three match between Na`Vi and MAD was a much closer affair, as it turns out. This is one Swedish team who never gave up, and got so close to equalising before a Divine Rapier on LightofHeaven managed to claim the throne.


Sunday, 14:50 - kurtcos

1df5651b97c12717afe52a66bf21276260c79efb3d20cfb7a7de49df43.jpgAn interesting shirt spotted on the back of a MAD (Swedish BYOC team from Group C) player. Pun not intended. There were signatures by Dendi, PIG, Artosis (StarCraft II) and even Kelly Milkies.


Sunday, 14:35 - kurtcos

1df5651b97c12717afe52a66bf21276260c79efb3d20cfb7a7de49df43.jpgHere's Na`Vi wrapping up their second game! They are looking set to top Group C.


Sunday, 13:31 - Malnor

dfead00a6bb1230c47a36597a86ff480edbffaef693c5bf12be1e61082.jpgWhen we just did a short interview with Puppey after Na'Vi's win against CLG, XBOCT came around, trolling. The video will be up soon!

Sunday, 14:25 - Malnor

dfead00a6bb1230c47a36597a86ff480edbffaef693c5bf12be1e61082.jpgPersonal story of the day until now: syndereN went to Dendi with pen and paper: "My girlfriend would like you to give an autograph with a message from you." Dendi wasn't quite sure whether this was trolling or real, but syndereN insisted. When Dendi gave it back, the message said: "syndereN is a dick sometimes, but he is a nice guy." It was a true Dendi. Sadly, syndereN didn't allow photos being taken, as it was meant to be a personal message to his girlfriend.

Sunday, 13:06 - Raistlin

698411f960134823b112df73a0ef9a3c5bafb9a6ae5c6c2e6ed61b8b8c.jpgI spoke briefly with Miracle just before the first round of group C. He was not superly psyched up, considering a first place position in the group does not matter much since the quarter final matches will be randomly drawn anyway. He expected to take down the two BYOC teams Cop Top and MAD with not that much trouble.

Should CLG come in second, they will play either Mousesports or absolute Legends. Should they win, they will play either Quantic or Darer. The playoff draw will happen at approximately 21:30 CET, and GosuGamers will be giving you live updates from the drawing.

Sunday, 12:48 - Raistlin

698411f960134823b112df73a0ef9a3c5bafb9a6ae5c6c2e6ed61b8b8c.jpgI think kurtcos trolled you guys a bit. Black will not be co-casting, he just happened to slide in as syndereN came late to the venue. After a quick talk between the two and the show host TobiWanKenobi the Danish mTw captain sat down next to the joinDOTA commentator.

Both games have kicked off. Na`Vi against Cop Top and CLG versus MAD - make your pick. Or watch both. You can see both streams in our coverage hub.


We uploaded the first photo set of day two. Check them out on Facebook!


Sunday, 12:10 - kurtcos

1df5651b97c12717afe52a66bf21276260c79efb3d20cfb7a7de49df43.jpgI hope you're excited to watch the first match between Na`Vi and Cop Top. Looks like a replacement for Synderen has been found. Here's Mouz's Black!


Saturday, 11:10 - Malnor

dfead00a6bb1230c47a36597a86ff480edbffaef693c5bf12be1e61082.jpgWe are back at Elmia! Today is going to be a very long day for us, so we made sure we are well rested and ready to rumble once again. Group C, group D and two quarter finals will be played today. Let's hope the schedule will be maintained. Expect to read a group C/D preview from kurtcos soon.


You missed day 1 of DreamHack Summer 2011? Here is our Day 1 Liveblog from Jönköping with our editorial on-the-fly overview about what was happening on Saturday.

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