ESL One Frankfurt 2016

ESL One Frankfurt 2016

General Information

Prize pool - $250,000
1. $125,000 + 50%
2. $50,000 + 20%
3-4. $22,500 + 9%

5-6. $10,000 + 4%
7-8. $5,000 + 2%
Open Qualifiers
-- Europe (April 2): full bracket
-- America (Jan 30): TBA
-- SEA (April 3): full bracket
-- China (TBA)

Regional Qualifiers
-- Europe: 12 teams (8 invited + 4 from Open Qualifiers)
-- America: 12 teams (8 invited + 4 from Open Qualifiers)
-- SEA: 12 teams (8 invited + 4 from Open Qualifiers)
-- China : 12 teams
MAIN EVENT --- June 18-19
Playoffs taking place at Commerzbank-Arena - in Frankfurt, Germany
- 8 team, double elimination group stage, best of 3
- top 2 advance to Playoffs
- single elimination, best of 3 with Final best of 5

3 Invited - Alliance, OG, Liquid
2 Qualified (EU) - Vega, Na'Vi
1 Qualified (AM) - coL
1 Qualified (SEA) - Fnatic
1 Qualified (China) - LGD replaced by VP

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Features - ESL One Frankfurt 2016

ESL One Frankfurt - a festival for the digital generation

When I first wrote about ESL One Frankfurt, 3 years ago, one of my friends that doesn’t follow eSports asked me, “And, how was the festival?”. The word 'festival' perfectly sums up what has ESL built over time, here in Frankfurt.

GosuGamers discuss statistics with Nahaz and Noxville at ESL One Frankfurt 2016

At the last day of ESL One Frankfurt 2016, Alan 'Nahaz' Bester and Ben 'Noxville' Steenhuisen took the time to discuss some topics related to statistics with GosuGamers.

coL.Handsken Interview: “ ESL really care and do listen to players’ feedback”

One of the last players we interviewed at ESL One Frankfurt was Simon 'Handsken' Haag from compLexity Gaming, a day after his team were eliminated rather early from the tournament.

Fnatic.MidOne: "The plan is to win TI"

Gosugamers interviewed Fnatic's mid laner, Zheng 'Midone' Yeik Nai, after Fnatic's elimination from ESL One Frankfurt.

coL.Beef: "It's very hard to add another person to the family"

Gosugamers caught up with compLexity's manager, Kyle 'Beef' Bautista, after their match against OG on the first day of ESL One Frankfurt for an interview. Among the topics discussed are coL's TI6 preperations and their plans for a coach.

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News for ESL One Frankfurt 2016

OG destroy Na'Vi and claim the ESL One Frankfurt 2016 title

The final of ESL One Frankfurt saw OG taking on Na’Vi.

ESL One Frankfurt: Na'Vi's road to the grand finals is clear, Vega's end

Na'Vi eliminated Vega 2-0 and cleared their way to face OG in the ESL One Frankfurt best-of-five grand final later in the day.

OG claim their place in the ESL One Frankfurt 2016 final

The final day at ESL One Frankfurt began with the first semi-final, which saw OG taking on Team Liquid. The top two ranked teams in the world battle it out in a rematch of the Manila Major finals - who will make it to the final?

Na'Vi eliminate compLexity Gaming from ESL One Frankfurt

The final series of the day would see Na’Vi and compLexity Gaming battling it out to avoid elimination.

ESL One Frankfurt: Liquid exterminates the rats

Continuing their path of 2-0s, Liquid swept Alliance in their second elimination match of the day. Liquid are now through to the semi-final whilst Alliance takes home 6th place.

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