• Prize pool $500,000
  • Start date Mar 14, 2016
  • End date May 16, 2016
Prize pool - $500,000
1. $250,000
2. $100,000
3. $60,000

4. $30,000
5-6. $20,000
7-8. $10,000
Open Qualifiers
-- Europe (March 9): full bracket
-- America (March 9): full bracket
-- SEA (March 9): full bracket
-- China (March 26)

Regional Qualifiers
- 4 regions, Europe, America, SEA and China
- Double elimination bracket, bo3 and final bo5
- 8 teams from each region, 6 invited + 2 qualified
- Europe, America and SEA : March 14 - April 3
- China: March 20 - 30
- Winner advances to LAN
MAIN EVENT --- May 9-15
Location : Moscow, Russia
- 10 team, group stage and double elimination bracket

- Winner of Regional qualifiers from each region play a GSL group, top 2 advace to group stage
- 6 directly invited teams + 2 teams from Wildcard; GSL system; 2 groups; 4 teams in each; bo3 matches.
- DE, 8 teams; 2 best teams from each group start in WB; other teams - in LB: bo3 matches; Grand Final bo5 (from 0:0)



Mar 14, 2016
LAN Play-off - LAN Play-off
Group A - LAN Groups
Group B - LAN Groups
LAN Wildcard - LAN Wildcard
America - Online phase
China - Online phase
Europe - Online phase
SEA - Online phase

News & Features

Top five plays at EPICENTER

Top five plays at EPICENTER

EPICENTER, one of the best events we've had so far this year, not only provided a top notch stage setup and production values but also memorable plays from all teams involved. Here are GosuGamers top five plays from last weekend in Moscow.

Dota 2 divushka
Team Liquid are crowned the EPICENTER Champions

Team Liquid are crowned the EPICENTER Champions

After a long and arduous battle for all the teams involved, we finally find ourselves at the Epicenter: Moscow finals. Newbee versus Team Liquid. Both teams looked ultimately unstoppable through the event, dropping barely any games – but only one would prevail as the EPICENTER champions.

Dota 2 Belandrial
Team Liquid are the first finalists at EPICENTER

Team Liquid are the first finalists at EPICENTER

After Newbee’s spectacular dismantling of compLexity we head into the last series of the day with Team Liquid versus OG. The winner of this game will secure their spot in the grand final, while the loser will only survive if they’re able to beat Newbee tomorrow.

Dota 2 Belandrial
Virtus.Pro exit Epicenter

Virtus.Pro exit Epicenter

After saying goodbye to Team Secret in the Epicenter event, we found out if VP would utilise their home field advantage and breeze through the lower bracket or if coL would stop the Russians and send them packing.

Dota 2 Belandrial
EPICENTER: Secret pack their bags

EPICENTER: Secret pack their bags

In a thrilling best-of-three series, Alliance defeated Secret 2-1 and proceed to face Newbee in the next round, while Secret has been eliminated from the event.

Dota 2 PineappleCake
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