The Shanghai Major 2016

  • Prize pool US$3,000,000
  • Start date 25 Feb 2016
  • End date 7 Mar 2016

Prize pool - $3,000,000

1. $1,110,000 USD 5-6. $202,500 USD
2. $405,000 USD 7-8. $105,000 USD
3. $315,000 USD 9-12. $45,000 USD
4. $255,000 USD 13-16. $30,000 USD


Participating teams

  Team Secret   Team Liquid
  Evil Geniuses   MVP Phoenix
  Complexity Gaming   Fnatic
  Alliance   OG

Main event

Group stage
  • Four groups of four teams
  • Double-elimination format with matches played in a best-of-three.
  • Top two teams in each group advance to the upper bracket of the Main Event.
  • Bottom two teams in each group advance to the lower bracket of the Main Event.
  • Status: Completed
  • Teams are seeded into a double-elimination bracket after the Group Stage
  • Eight teams begin in the upper bracket, eight in the lower bracket.
  • First two lower bracket games are best of one, Grand Finals are best of five, all others are best of three.
  • Status: Completed

Location: Shanghai, China  

Regional qualifiers

Europe, Americas, China, SEA
  • Group Stage:
    • 10 teams in two groups of five teams each, played in a round-robin format.
    • All matches are played best-of-two
    • Top two teams from each group advance to the Playoffs
  • Playoffs:
    • Four teams from in a double-elimination bracket.
    • The top two teams are qualified to the Shanghai Major.
    • All matches are Bo3


The Shanghai Major 2016

25 Feb 2016
Playoffs - Main Event
Group D - GSL Group Stage
Group C - GSL Group Stage
Group B - GSL Group Stage
Group A - GSL Group Stage

The Shanghai Major 2016 - Qualifiers Tiebreakers

8 Jan 2016
Americas - Tiebreakers
China - Tiebreakers
Group D - Tiebreakers
SEA - Tiebreakers

The Shanghai Major 2016 - Qualifiers

4 Jan 2016
Americas - Playoffs
China - Playoffs
Europe - Playoffs
SEA - Playoffs
Group A - Europe
Group B - Europe
Group A - Americas
Group B - Americas
Group A - China
Group B - China
Group A - SEA
Group B - SEA
America 2 - Open Qualifiers
China 2 - Open Qualifiers
Europe 2 - Open Qualifiers
SEA 2 - Open Qualifiers
America 1 - Open Qualifiers
China 1 - Open Qualifiers
Europe 1 - Open Qualifiers
SEA 1 - Open Qualifiers

News & Features

Shanghai Major: you would have thought it is over…

After a well deserved night of celebrations and a good sleep, the teams in Shanghai have woken up to yet another messy situation. The practice rooms were evacuated without prior notice - gaming gear, laptops and even car keys are missing.

Dota 2 divushka

Team Secret crowned Champions of the Shanghai Major

Team Secret are the named Champions of the Shanghai Major, and well deserved runner ups are Team Liquid. This breaks the chain of no professional player getting two Valve Championships as Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov is the first to break this curse. Let’s have a closer look at what exactly went on in the Grand Finals of the first Winter Major.

Dota 2 GosuGamers

Interview with Swindlezz: "The Chinese teams just don't try, just don't care"

After their victory against LGD, compLexity's manager Kyle 'Beef' Bautista conducted an interview with his team captain Kyle 'Swindlemelonzz' Freedman about the team's condition and the problems encountered during the event. The interview is full property of compLexity Gaming organization and it was posted on their youtube channel. 

Dota 2 GosuGamers

All the Chinese teams are out of the Shanghai Major

The second day at the Shanghai Major main event marked the end of the road for all the Chinese teams attending the event. China had five representatives at this Major, two of them got eliminated in the first day of the main event, and the other three have been kicked out from the bracket today.

Dota 2 GosuGamers

Shanghai Major main event drama in a nutshell

The second Dota 2 Major is surrounded by a heavy drama aura, starting from the group stage and almost falling apart during the first day of the main event, Shanghai Major still delivers unpleasant moments for everyone involved, from players, to casters and finally to us the viewers.

Dota 2 divushka
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