Game Show GEC Season 1

Game Show GEC Season 1

General information

Prize pool - $330,322 (DreamHack Moscow - $250000, Vilnius - $60000 and Igromir - $20000)
1. $125000
2. $65000
3. $35000

4. $25000
5-8. $15000
- Open Qualifier 4 for each region
-- Top 2 of each advance to next stage
- First Group stage - 4 Groups for each region
-- 8 qualify teams will join 8 invited teams for China and 16 qualify teams for Europe, Sea and North America
-- Top 2 of each group advance to next stage
- Second Group Stage
-- 6 Direct invites will join 8 qualify teams
-- 2 group stage of 7 teams for each region
-- Top 2 of each group advance in Playoff
- Playoff
-- Europe: TBA (top 2 qualify)
-- South East Asia: TBA (top 1 qualifies)
-- North America: TBA (top 1 qualify)
-- China: TBA (top 2 qualifies)
- Open Qualifier
-- Top 4 of each advance to next stage
- First Group stage
-- 16 open qualifiers are placed into four groups of four
-- Top 2 of each group advance to next stage
- Second Group Stage
-- Eight teams from First Group Stage are placed into a single round robin group. Top 2 advance to next stage
- Third Group Stage
-- Two teams from the Second Group Stage join four invited teams and the winner of Game Show Open Season 2
- Playoff
-- Two teams from Third Group Stage will join another batch of four invited teams in CIS playoffs. Top 2 will qualify
MAIN EVENT --- Nov 30 - Dec 6
8 teams
- One team from North America : coL
- Two teams from China : NewBee, iG
- One team from South East Asia : TnC MVP.Hot6ix
- Two teams from Europe : 4CL, NLG
- Two teams from CIS : Vega, Empire

Studio LAN Finals
- Eight qualified teams will play on 30 November - 3 December in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Grand Finals
- The four best teams from the Studio LAN will play in Moscow, Russia on 5-6 of December.

Game Show GEC Season 1 Live Streams

LAN Finals - DreamHack Moscow

Upper Bracket

Round 1


Round 2


Lower Bracket

Round 1


Round 2




Vilnius LAN Finals (Complete)

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Features - Game Show GEC Season 1

Interview with Global eSports Cup caster Rage: “This is experience it’s been very humbling”

Game Show Global eSports Cup talent desk hosted a mix of well-known casters line-up accompanied by three fresh voices. Mikelorus, GrandisV, and Rage were for the first time casting a LAN event and they had the opportunity to sit next to some of the most important names of the moment.

GeC - LighTofHeaveN Interview: “It’s very possible to see me back soon"

In the last day of Global eSports Cup, Dreamhack Moscow we had the chance to talk with  Dmitriy "LighTofHeaveN" Kupriyanov, who’s here as a caster on the Storm Studio russian panel desk.

Interview with swindlemelonzz - compLexity: “I’m super excited with our line-up”

In the last day in Vilnius we’ve spent a few nice hours hanging out with the boys from compLexity Gaming. A local advertised the new trend that is covering the entire Europe and America, the Escaping Room puzzle game, so we went to check it out.

GeC Interview with MVP drafter Dubu : “We didn’t prepare for this almost at all”

In the day before traveling from Vilnius to Moscow for the Dreamhack LAN Finals of Global eSports Cup, we’ve had the opportunity to sit and talk with MVP.Phoenix’s drafter Dooyoung "Dubu" Kim who is for the first time in Europe. Among other things Dubu explained how MVP adjusted for this event and what are their hopes for the Moscow LAN finals .

GeC CuP Interview: No Logic Gaming - MiLAN; “ we will probably continue together”

Interview with Milan "MiLAN" Kozomara from No Logic Gaming right after the team got knocked out from the Global eSports Cup.

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News for Game Show GEC Season 1

Empire winners of the first Global eSports Cup tournament

Whilst the majority of the Dota community was watching The Defense, Team Empire and 4 Clovers & Lepricon did battle for the Grand Final of the Game Show Global eSports Cup held at Dreamhack in Moscow. Empire managed to win the series 3-1.

GeC Dreamhack Moscow: Empire stage their return

Empire has made itin to the grand finals of the GeC Dreamhack Moscow LAN finals after defeating 4C&L and Vega in the winner's bracket.

MVP.Phoenix eliminated in the first day of GeC Dreamhack Moscow LAN finals

In front of a packed VDNH venue, here in Moscow, Vega Squadron revenged their loss in the group stage in front of MVP.Phoenix and eliminated the koreans from the tournament.

XBOCT interview: "I feel the same, I am the same person just playing with different people"

Today, December 5th Alexander "XBOCT" Dashkevich will play on the Dreamhack Moscow scene with Team Empire and his ex Na-Vi team mate Funn1k.

Dreamhack Moscow opens its doors in just a few hours: Upgrade your free tickets now !

One of the most important eSports event in Moscow is about to begin. Dreamhack Moscow is set to start saturday, December 5th at 10 a.m and the entrance is free for everyone who wants to watch the qualified DotA 2 teams competing for the first Global eSport Cup trophy.

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Europe Playoff (Complete)

America Playoff (Complete)

CIS - Playoff (Complete)

SEA Playoff - (Complete)

China - Playoff (Complete)

Tiebreaker (Complete)

Europe - Group Stage 2 (Complete)

Europe - Group Stage 1 (Complete)

China - Group Stage (Complete)

SEA - Group Stage 2 (Complete)

SEA - Group Stage 1 (Complete)

America - Group Stage 2 (Complete)

America - Group Stage 1 (Complete)

CIS - Group Stage 3 (Complete)

CIS - Group Stage 2 (Complete)

GosuBet Competition December


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