Dota 2 Champions League #4

  • Prize pool $50,000
  • Start date Sep 1, 2014
  • End date Nov 2, 2014


Dota 2 Champions League #4

Sep 1, 2014
Playoffs - Playoffs
America - Online elimination
China - Online elimination
Europe - Online elimination
America - Regional divisions
Europe - Regional divisions

News & Features

Interviews with Sheever and USH

Interviews with Sheever and USH

During the span of the event, Sheever shared a few thoughts what hosting feels likes, how she is new to it and about her future plans. USH of SNA talks about how he is not actually a member of the team anymore, but it is a great team and his ideas about Dota.

Dota 2 Tjernobylbarnet

D2CL Finals - Na`Vi secures spot in the grand final

This is the second day of D2CL playoffs is over and the first casualty is known. Sneaky Nyx Assassins were eliminated by Team Empire after putting up a fight. Afterwards, Na´Vi beat Team Tinker 2-1 as a result of an intense series.

Dota 2 drouks
qojqva: 'I hate slow heroes who can't move'

qojqva: 'I hate slow heroes who can't move'

While the players of Team Tinker are getting ready for the D2CL Upper Bracket final against Na'Vi, we managed to get a hold of Max 'qojqva' Broecker for a video interview. He talks about his DotA2 career, his new team and the current meta game.

Dota 2 drouks
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