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Matchup: Protoss vs Terran

Here at we've just started a new tradition which is called "Matchup of the week". We like doing stuff on a weekly basis. (Poll, Picture and now Matchup of the week). Basically, it's exactly what the title says. Every new week, a new matchup. There will be around twenty good replays available for download in the replay section in this special matchup. This first week the starter is Protoss versus Terran, the easiest Protoss matchup according to many and this is also proven by the stats in the major Korean leagues where Protoss players often manage to beat Terrans but have a harder time vs Zerg players. The players whose replays are available this week are:

  • NaDa
  • BreeZe[AKUTA]
  • HwoaRanG[AKUTA]
  • ArtOfTerran
  • PuSan[S.G]
  • FROzean
  • [DaK]Joyo
  • [MGW]Terran
  • Legend
  • TheMarine
  • XellOs
  • =A.G=Deep~
  • ZeuS
  • BoxeR
  • IntoTheRain
  • V-Gundam
  • ChRh
  • Garimto
  • HyeKong
  • Nal_rA
  • AranG
  • CQ2000
  • Hasudrone
  • Nazgul
  • Hellghost

So, the matchup of next week is yet to be decided, any special suggestions?

GosuGamers Replay Section - Pro: Protoss vs Terran

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